Icy roads but want to run!

I'm supposed to run today but it's so icy out there. We didn't get much snow but what little did fall has turned to ice and all the roads and paths are white and slippy. Knowing the kind of person I am, if I choose to go out I will be the one that falls and really hurts myself.

I thought I'll give it a couple of hours and see what it's like but if it's still icy then I might just go tomorrow instead (forecast looks better). Anyone else having to put off a run or are you being brave enough to risk the icy roads?


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  • You are safer finding somewhere off road to run when it is like this (arguably, for your joints, always safer... but that's not always easy)

    If you have bright sunshine like we have where I am, if you can run in the middle of the day you may be OK (I must confess that I often have my lunch mid-morning so that I can run then)

  • I'm just delaying a bit ... a good frost here but no snow. The sun should melt a lot of the ice if I leave it long enough! Plus it's cosy in front of my computer and I'm on my third cup of tea ...

  • Went out at about 10.30 and there was still plenty of ice about, even in the sunny bits. I resorted to taking lots of quick little steps to be a bit more sure-footed. Take care out there!

  • I went out once last year, just to see how it was. I found in full sun most of the ice melts pretty quickly but it depends on the road surface. For instance, the surface changes every 20 MTs or so along the tow path, due to repairs at various times. I found it treacherous and won't run on ice again. I hate mud too!

  • Yaktrax are the answer to icy surfaces. You can get them cheaper than this if you shop around.

    That or doing something else. We have had so much bitter wind on top of the cold that the windchill factor has kept me from doing my early morning runs all week. Have just compensated with more Crossfit and ketlebells, and done a couple of shortish runs mid afternoon to keep my hand, or foot, in.

  • I went out yesterday intending to do 5k. I stopped after 3k because it was getting very slippy. Saturdays parkrun is going to be treacherous.

    Is it better doing road runs when it's icy or trail runs? I guess trail?

  • Thanks all for the comments. I did end up going out later on as the sun came out and cleared most of the paths, a few that were in shade were still slippy but thankfully only in patches and I could run around them.

    Ended up with not just a run but a good run too, so felt really healthy and fit and accomplished today ;-)

  • i agree im the same cos i hate January weather!!


  • I've not been out 3 days running cos its like an ice rink. Worried I've lost my momentum now. Hoping to get into the woods tmrw but that's new for me too so who knows how it will go!!!

  • hi doodles

    yes same in my neck of the woods although i went off road yesterday and did park run today i had to tred carefully


  • I just take to the treadmill at the gym. Even the proper athletes take time off during the winter months!

  • I've actually been running quite a bit on both ice and snow previous years. In my experience the shoes With buildt-in spikes are great for running in snow, and the spikes that you buy seperat and put on outside Your shoes are great for ice (really, you can run up/Down extremly icy and slippery hils without having to worry). Kind of a crazy feeling being able to "master the ice", haha.

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