What happened to summer? W7R2

Where the heck has summer gone?! Sorry rant over. Had a bit of a stomach bug yesterday but slept reasonably well so made the decision to give it a go this morning. Luckily I didn't have to consult with the IAAF or I might not have made it. It was actually more of an obstacle race with giant puddles, very overgrown overgrowth and a fallen tree blocking the path so I had to navigate over the muddy grass to get around it.

I was definitely more tired today but I completed the run and funnily enough at almost exactly the same pace as Monday. Still not on top form but a rest day tomorrow and then R3 I'm coming after you!


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  • Is that the International Athletic Ailment Federation? And did drugs feature ? I'd hate to see you booed on the victory podium. Especially after trunk hurdling in the rain. Well done you - graduation medal is waiting

  • Yes it is and I was alluding to the bit of controversy surrounding a certain athlete from Botswana. Luckily no such problems for me. Yes maybe I should take up hurdling after today. Good luck with R3.

  • Okay you, me and run 3, we are killing it. I am thinking possibly heptathlon, post graduation.. as I can't swim for toffee so that takes out triathlons, ha ha

  • Ha yes, not sure about the throwing events as am using an elbow support at the moment (broke the elbow many moons ago). Maybe we could do it between us and I'll cover the long jump and high jump? I'm a rubbish swimmer too so maybe we should start a couch to 25m swim? Mind you not overly fond of the chlorine, so maybe not.

    You'll have to let me know what part of Italy you're in - for when I book my tickets for next year. :)

  • Couch to 25m swim, via water wings... oh and I will do the throwing. Le Marché is the place for that joint run

  • Water wings, great idea. I shall get my map out ,,,,,,

  • Ah hum, no chlorine for the triathlon swims, they are open water:p

    I cant throw for toffees but I'll swim your triathlon swim bit:)

    I thought the reference to IAAF was a reference to the nova virus!

    Seriously amazing if the timing was the same in bad conditions, shows good improvement. My only obstacles are the pigeons rushing me for food not sure what that is practice for.

  • Ha, but I was referring to the chlorine in the swimming pools where I would need to go for swimming lessons but yes the swimming part is yours!

    Yes it was a reference to the nova virus but also a cheeky dig re me being able to certify myself fit to run (as opposed to what happened with the man from Botswana).

    And yes I was suprised I'd covered the same distance in the same time. Maybe the obstacles took my mind off my heavy breathing?

    Give those pigeons a wide berth - they're tricky customers ;)

  • Fun eh? I had that yesterday.. not the fallen tree..but pouring rain!

    Well done you though!! I think we have seen the best of the Summer maybe?

  • I think you're right. By the way do you hardy runners run through the winter or do you transfer to the gym - or something else?

  • Through the lot... I started C25K the winter of 2015..graduated the week before Christmas... dark, wet, cold mornings, rain, hail and sleet... blooming great!!! But also.. clear sparkling dawns, dove grey skies, and the frosted hedgerows and branches decorating my route with silver :)

  • Now that sounds so romantic, well the last bit....⛄️

  • Ha yes but it's the first bit that fills me with dread!

  • Oooo yes through it all! Running keeps you warm , the sights and sounds keep you entertained!

  • I'm a bit concderned that the sights and sounds might be me falling on my backside in all the lovely snow and ice. :)

  • ... well we never run in ice.. not if we have any sense... although... there was an incident I had with black ice... think Bambi!

  • Ouch. Well at least we don't seem to get as much snow these days or am I tempting fate? Does anyone do a cross trainer/welly?

  • Oh my goodness, you lot are a hardy bunch. Not sure I'm up to those tough standards!

  • Oh you will be surprised! :)

  • Oldfloss is right. You will be suprised. One day you hate running and rain, and the couple of weeks later you're running in hale (or maybe swimming... Not sure, as I could see much through my glasses).

  • I'll remember those words this winter as I'm muttering under my breath - haha!

  • Well last year we did a Christmas Eve C25k Forum, Virtual Team Parkrun together, around fifty or so of us.....many recently graduated and never PR before, ably supported by our long stay runners on the forum. It was damp, cold, misty. It was BRILLIANT! Virtual mince pies followed. A great start to the festivities 😃🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

  • I do hope real mince pies (and alcohol) also followed. Sounds a great idea.

  • They did in deed! We had a blast!

  • Found something for you Oldfloss en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cagoule - haha

  • Yeay!!! Mine was green...!!! Thank youx

  • 😁

  • Hey well done - but I'm with you on the weather? Are we sure this is summer? I was cold this morning. Running + August should not = cold (& wet & very muddy!!). 🤞 for the next run - you never know the sun might be back.......

  • I know, ChunkyMonkey - fingers and toes crossed.

  • Was excessive yesterday and I was only walking from station. Just hope it isn't the Indian summer that is being predicted though. Something medium would be nice.

  • I think they only tell us it's going to be an Indian summer to cheer us up - haha!

  • I'll go for sn Indian summer please....!☀️🐒

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