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Back to the beginning

And I was doing so well. Then stuff happened. Then work happened; and winter and Christmas and stuff. And weather And I suddenly find that I haven't run for 2 months and didn't run much in the month before that.

So, here I am reporting that I did run this morning but not for 30 minutes but back to W1D1. I hope I will be able to fast track through the weeks to get back to where I was last September at a regular 30 minutes and occasional 40 minute 5k.

It was good to be out this morning. I'm glad to be back.

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You will do it and having seen the weather here, I can understand the break. Well done you on having another bash


Thanks to jan and Elfe for your encouragements. What I would like is for this session to build on the last time - I know I have more stamina than before and hope that will aid in developing more speed this time around. I know speed is a minor part and I am certainly not focussing on that but, well, you know...


Hi the stamina is the major part I think, if you have a starting bank of stamina it really helps, building it from scratch is a tough job to do. But we are here and look forward to reading your exploits, wind, rain hail, sun (hopefully) or just English grey

Good luck!


Welcome back- bet you'll enjoy it more second time. 😃


Nice to see you back. It’s really hard to keep at it with life and weather and dark. I think it is really important to (somehow) schedule the runs and make these a priority. (I don’t always manage this mind you!)

I am sure you will soon progress through the programme 2 months off isn’t that long. Good luck 😉


One thing I had forgotten about the process is the wonderful support in this forum. You are all lovely people. Thank you.


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