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week 7 complete - struggling though

I just got back from week 7 run 3 and I have found all three runs so hard! It's not that I can't do it, I complete the runs but I have to kepp telling myself I can all the way round and I don't feel comfertable with the runs, like I could do more, as I have in previous weeks.

It's quite gruelling at this stage - never a little walk break to look forward to. Whilst I am aware that it is mind over matter and my body is capable of running the distance I am having a tough time keeping my spirits up.

By the end of 25mins I am such a mess - bright red and tired, hopeing to god I don't run into someone I know. I am a bit worried that weeks 8 and 9 are going to be the same and I am not goint to enjoy them like I have enjoyed the rest of the programme. I am contemplateing repeating a week to get my fitness up a bit - but then don't want to go backwards.

Any tips for keeping spirits up when it's hard?

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Remind yourself why you started the programme in the first place Beth, you must of set yourself a target to get to, and , if it was to get to the end of the programme you are very close to achieving your goal. Just by getting this far you have shown you are committed to getting fitter. Try forcefully changing those voices in your head that say 'no way im gonna finish this' into 'I am soooo gonna finish this crap today' !!!!


I always hang on to the fact that once I am home and had a shower I feel top of the world irrespective of how rubbish my run has been! This week its been like dragging a car tyre around behind me, strangely hasn't affected my speed much once I downloaded my times but boy do my legs feel heavy. But I am off for a run round the forest on Sunday morning weather allowing and really looking forward to that :-)

I am settled down in my mind that these days will always happen though, sorry not to be terrifically encouraging in that respect :-( No reason, not worth analysing too much, just one of those days.

But sometimes, just sometimes you have one of those runs where you feel you can go forever and they make it all worthwhile.

Oh that and when you go to buy a new pair of trousers you can look at those slightly narrower ones, try them on and look at yourself in a slightly admiring way 8-)


ah thanks guys - good tips!


week 7 is particularly hard, because you know from here on its mostly running no breaks, and i do know how you feel as i had exactly the same thoughts myself, i'm only 2 runs ahead of you (wk8r2 today) but this week for some reason, i'm not feeling as sorry for myself, i started this programme probably for the same reasons you did, i wanted to see if i could (me who hates exercise) run for 30mins non stop. Honestly didnt think i could, but today i ran for 28mins so im thinking now that it is entirely possible!! and so will you next week YOU CAN DO IT!!!! our bodies are totally capable, our minds on the other hand need a little more work..

you've the hard work done now, you're just building on it now for the next 2 wks!! please keep going and believe in yoursefl!! :)


thanks scavo - thats really good to hear. This is why this forum's so good, hearing froth others who have been through the same stuff really helps. Great encouragement!


Do you run the same route each time? If you do perhaps you just need a change of view. I am now on my third week after completing C25K and I still look a mess at the end, dripping and bright red. I've worked out 5 different runs in the area, three with the same starting point which gives me a change so when I still don't reach 5K in the 30mins I'm not that bothered and stay positive. I've also invested a small amount in a gadget that has a timer and a heart monitor on it which gives me a different focus watching how my heart rate varies. (gadget bought from a well know low budget supermarket this week) You are doing brilliantly so maybe you just need one small change to re-inforce your enthusiasm


Yeah I am trying to mix the route up a bit - the problem is I think I run too fast when I am on roads - I get a bit adrenaline fuelled and sprint across roads and stuff so I don't have to stop, then I get tired.

I do need to find a good new route though, thanks for the tips!


Hi, I found week 7 a struggle too and I'm sorry to tell you week 8 was my nemesis :(... Don't be put off tho, I have completed c25k and I never thought I would! You have to fight the demons in your head and carry on through your barrier, You WILL do it :)


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