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Week 7 Complete. But bored with the Podcasts :-(

Last night I completed run 3 of week 7. A fantastic feeling to go from a very unfit individual to running 25 minutes quite consistently (losing 8lbs in the process!)

However, after run number 1 of week 7 I found myself getting a bit bored of the podcasts. In the earlier weeks they were great with Laura saying when to run and when to walk. And the music choices in the earlier weeks were quite good as well.

But when I got to week 7 and started the longer runs with no breaks, I found them to be a little bit of a hindrance as the majority of the podcast is just music and very much not to my taste. I didn't find it pleasant to listen to nor did it encourage me to push myself and really struggled with the 2nd run in week 7.

So for run number 3 I decided to make my own playlist. I knew where half way was from doing the runs previously so I didn't need Laura to tell me "12 and a half minutes". I just chose a song for the first walk, and the 5 minute walk at the end and put 25 minutes of music in between. My choices and more upbeat music that I enjoyed.

I ran to my half way point, turned around and ran back and found that I had got to the "finish" with 2 minutes to spare and felt ok! Don't get me wrong, I was tired but didn't feel like I'd run any faster.

If you're getting a little bit stalled with the Podcasts, making your own might just give you a little bit of a boost to kick on.

Tomorrow I'm going for 30 minutes! :-)

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I too just ran W7R3 this morning and cannot remember one piece of music from the week, even though I've heard it three times... I think I just switch off and look around instead.

But there is quite a bit of information out there about how a playlist of music at specific bpm can influence running speeds, so changing the playlist does have an effect.

Definitely worth experimenting with.


oohhhhh, to be running with my own playlist!!

well done on reaching the 25 minute and soon to be 30 minute mark.

i cant wait to be where you are and hopefully have my own playlist. Ive already got the tunes written down to download :-)

i may check out what landesman replied to you with - playlist of music at specific beats, so thank you both

keep running and soon you'll have that shiney badge :-)


Incidentally there's a useful little program by Mixmeister that will measure the bpm of your music - so you can put together playlists with the same beat. It's downloadable here -


Landesman, nice info, cheers. I'll definitely be taking a look at those later today.

AuntieAli, I'm sure you're doing fanatically well, the hardest thing for me was staying patient, I wanted results! (that's my nature really!) But I stuck to the podcasts and I'm still amazed I've gone from zero to 25 minutes in 8 weeks.

You'll get there! :-)


Very well done; not long to go now! I ditched Laura and went with my own music as soon as the intervals stopped and it was a great help to be listening to something I actually enjoyed!

Sue :)


I use the C25K App from Zen Labs. The app is free. I really like it because it tells you when to start and stop running, but uses your own music in the background. I tried Laura's podcast once because I kept reading comments about it, but was back to the app with the next run because I missed my own music.


I must admit hearing the same songs is getting a bit boring. My next run is week 7 run 1 and I think I'm going to need something with a bit more oomph, but I do like hearing Laura telling me how well I've done and how much time left?? And well done !


Definately understand, I dumped Laura (sorry Laura) at W6R3, but I did listen to warm down on that podcast (you have to).

Now to the next problem, deciding what to listen to. :-)


I haven't used Laura at all. I downloaded the IntervalTimer app and programmed each run into the app. I could then play my podcasts in the background. It's kills the battery though, having IntervalTimer, Podcasts (using Bluetooth headphones) and the GPS on the Nike+ app.


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