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Week SEVEEERRRRN - complete

Marvellous, absolutely marvellous. Yesterday I was bemoaning my run time as it was slower than week 5 run 1. So today I set out to beat that if at all possible. And guess what? I did it.

Yesterday I listened to the introduction to the three different 5K+ podcasts, just to see what was coming up later on. I am sure that helped me today as I applied the walking beat to today's start and finish walks.

I can't believe I am writing this but my time was 37 mins 24 secs for the 3.26 miles (5.25kms). I am well chuffed.

Today's run was really good. Breathing wasn't easy but it wasn't laboured either, and I managed to up my pace at the end just a bit. So all in all I am a very happy man. Feeling a bit emotional actually.

So believe me when I say: "you can do it." And you will do it. Just stick with it. Don't worry about what anybody else is doing or where they're at. Just do your own thing. Set your own goals.

So now only two weeks to go before graduation. I feel like a kid just before Christmas!!!

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Well done. A great sense of achievement.


Thanks a lot. I'm not worried about my times for W8 and W9 as they are longer and will, no doubt, take more out of me.


Sick as parrot or what? ME, that is, not you! (LOL) Can sooooo totally understand your 'chuffedness'! :D

You have achieved amazingly, so weep, yell to the world, breath out loud and be completely proud! :)

I may have graduated a couple of weeks ago but am still envious of your time ... wow ... still I can continue plodding/running and I know I'll get there one day soon.

Many congratulations, the remaining runs are going to be a doddle for you, enjoy them - your energy levels and determination will rise to meet the challenges ahead. Cheers, Linda ;)


Thanks LInda. I don't think there be a doddle. I always find runs 1 & 2 of a new week quite hard.

I don't how I managed it today. Just sheer determination I suppose.

Thanks again


Well done! This programme does have a way of messing with our emotions, doesn't it? From one extreme to the other in the space of a few weeks (or sometimes days!)

You may be surprised with the pace - there is extra distance, but your legs get stronger every time you get out there. Enjoy! :)


Yup, one minute your up and the next your down.

I have been fortunate in that R3 of each week has seemed slightly easier than the 2 previous runs.

I wait and see what comes next. When I get to the end of the 25 mins I am ready for the walk. So I am not sure how I will feel with the extra 3mins next week.

Thanks for all your comments.


Well done for running over 5k in week 7. Are you running every day or taking a rest day? Know what you mean about the breathing but we will get there! Well done and keep blogging!


I can't run every day, not got the energy. I did try two consecutive days in W5 but it was too much. So far I have just done the 3 runs a week which means two rests of one day each and one rest for two days. So next week I'll start W8 on Monday, R2 on Wednesday and R3 on Friday. Then I'll start W9 the following Monday. I have found that that gives me enough flexibility to make sure I get the 3 runs a week done.

Thanks for your comments along the way.


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