Couch to 5K

Week 7 tried to mess with my head ... so long Week 7! :)

After a difficult couple of runs, W7R3 went much better for me today :) Isn't it weird how you never know, a run could be a pleasure or a real struggle, and when I start out I have no idea which it's going to be! :)

Maybe I am a bit fitter than I was a week ago - I don't know if a difference can be felt in just 7 days - but it wasn't as hard as the last two runs. I felt looser, and was taking proper strides - not long ones, but better than the shuffle I adopted earlier in the week!

Also, my pace is better! I didn't actually get Endomondo working, but at the halfway point I'd cut about a minute from my previous time, it felt wonderful to run past the normal halfway point ... in fact it gave me a second wind to pick up pace and see how much further I could get before Laura spoke! :)

Also, earlier in the week I was getting niggly pains, nothing too bad but annoying. All better today, so my legs must be getting used to these longer runs.

On another note, today I somehow knew I needed to stretch when I finished ... boy did those streches feel good!

Farewell Week 7, you thought you'd mess with my head, but I beat you :) :)

Hope Week 8 is a bit friendlier !?! :)

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'Farewell week 7, you thought you'd mess with my head, but I beat you'

This is called the 'Running Game'. And it's the game that we all play at different levels, whether we've ony run once, or for twenty years.


You're so right, this is way more mental than physical!


go you! x


I had a horrible Week 7! Found it so difficult and hated the music - I think it was the hardest so far. Laura seems to drop out of the podcasts a bit (she is back more in week 8) and it's the first time that you realise that this running lark really is just about putting one foot in front of the other for as long as you can...


I hear you! It felt so different to everything before, but I'm learning to love the longer runs ... will look forwrad to hearing more fro Laura this week though!


Agree with you some runs seem worse than others, more of a mental than physcical challnege. On week 8, run 1 easy, run 2 did it but struggled, as you say Chris, you never know till you get going which way its going to go.

First time today though was not out of breath when I stopped running, and ran in the heavy rain too.

Keep at it your nearly there.


Completely agree - it's all a mind game! I hated week 7 too and was dreading week 8 but did first wk8 run yesterday and Laura was back more, the music better and it wasn't half as bad as I'd expected.



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