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Struggling with longer runs week 7 run 3

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Hi guys I hope every one is still enjoying the runs even in this nasty weather!

So I’m due my week 7 run 3 today but I can’t say I’m very optimistic about it or even looking forward to it (well maybe at the feeling afterwards) I’m really struggling with these longer runs with keeping my mind focused. I understand that it is more mind over matter now but I’ve had a tough week which included running out of some medication I’m supposed to take so I think that had a negative impact on me physically and mentally. However I did manage 2 runs but just didn’t enjoy them much. Hopefully things will pick up now though.

Anyway I wondered if any one had any tips, experience themselves or advice on keeping the mind focused for these longer runs. I listen to music and that really helps but I think I need to mix it up a bit and get my head stronger!

Thanks for reading

17 Replies
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You've got this far and you say you feel great after a run. That's the thing to hang on to! Remember you are still getting used to the long runs, so an extra rest day here and there won't hurt if you are busy or just need an extra day. As long as you don't lose momentum it really doesn't matter.I wonder if a change of route might help too. That might make the run feel different. I'm a bit odd I think, but if I feel I am 'exploring' or going on a little adventure, that can get me lut of the door and the run feels easier.

Most importantly, if you are physically struggling, you may find you have speeded up. It's quite common as we become accustomed to the longer runs. A few deep breaths before going out, lots of warming up and slowing down will do the trick! Good luck.

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Pymander10Graduate in reply to Roxdog

Thank you Roxdog! I do enjoy the feeling after it really helps with my mental health. I feel like I’m running the traumatic things that have happened to me away or running through them! I’m not really sure but it feels good! Okay that sounds good I probably need to be a bit more kinder to myself if I have an extra day off or more rest than usual.

Thank you

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When I got onto the longer (continuous) runs, I switched from listening to music to listening to spoken word podcasts. Something like that might help to distract you.

I also started to change the routes, exploring my local area a bit and getting lost a couple of times too.

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Pymander10Graduate in reply to nowster

I do like listening to podcasts whilst I’m doing chores so I’ll give that a go if I can find any good ones! Do you have anything that stands out in your mind that you recommend?! Thanks!

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Pymander10

If you like QI, you might like the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast from four of the QI Elves.

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You are doing great, but perhaps trying too hard. Slowing down to the recommended easy conversational pace makes it more achievable and for most, more enjoyable.Counterintuitively, it is an easy conversational pace running that builds your stamina and endurance, not fast running.

You may find distraction helpful, so that the last things you think about are time and the physicality of running. If music doesn't do it, try podcasts or audiobooks. I used to give myself a running commentary on everything that I could see, hear, feel and smell as I ran, in full florid sentences. It worked for me and got me beyond those first few continuous runs, which might seem tough now, but will seem like a piece of cake soon.

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Oh I hope they feel like a piece of cake soon and to be fair the other weeks do!Oh that’s very mindful of you and a good idea. I’ll try that on my daytime runs but not much to look at in the evenings at the moment!

I seem to start okay for 5 minutes then it gets to me and then I get into my stride a bit after half way. Maybe I am going too fast so I’ll try to be more aware of that. Podcasts sound like a good idea to try as I listen to those whilst doing chores which helps me find the task more enjoyable. Would you have anything to recommend that’s to do with fitness or comedy?

Thank you!

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to Pymander10

I don't use podcasts or music when I run, so cannot make any recommendations. Use whatever keeps you entertained and distracted.

In respect of pace, say this sentence out loud to yourself "Am I going slow enough to enable me to speak this sentence in one out breath?" If you cannot, you are going too fast.

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Thank you I’ll see what I can find which will distract me!

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CmoiAmbassador in reply to Pymander10

For a fitness-related podcast, you might like Jenni Falconer's RunPod:

I also really enjoyed BBC Radio Sheffield's The Naked Podcast, but it won't be to everyone's taste - avoid if you dislike swearing and/or frank discussions about bodies and sex:

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Pymander10Graduate in reply to Cmoi

Thank you I’ll check those out. The naked podcast sounds very interesting that is up my street!

I found mixing things up helped me get through the continuous runs. I started off listening to my favourite music, then podcasts, then music from Nike Run Club which I had never heard before and then nothing at all.

I'm now back to listening to my favourite tunes again 😀

The biggest help for me was as others have said. Slow down. When I run slowly I am not exhausted and because I'm not exhausted I can run further and also enjoy it rather than feeling like I'm about to drop.

Good luck and keep trying 👍

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Thank you! Sounds like you have done really well that’s amazing!Yeah I think it’s time to mix things up and take it a little slower for now. Can’t believe how close I am until graduation. I never imagined this would happen!

in reply to Pymander10

You have done really really well to get to where you are. Be kind to yourself, slow down and you will get your well deserved graduation.

You don't win medals for going as fast as you can at this moment in time. You will gradually build up your fitness and stamina over time so please take it nice and steady 👍

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Thank youThat sounds like the key. Keeping it slow and steady :-)

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How did you get on with your run? I did week 7 run 2 this morning and feel similar so I’m very pleased you asked the question! I had a look at Strava and I have been going faster (inadvertently) in the last two runs. I’ll use some of these tips!

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Just to add that if you've got to week 7 you've actually cracked the running thing. It's all about getting used to doing it now, and going a little longer each week. You shouldn't be too hard on yourself, or push yourself too hard.

All you need to do to graduate is to be able to run continuously for half an hour on three separate days. There's no requirement on speed or distance.

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