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Week 3, run 3 complete! Worried about progress though


Hi all, new here! Just finished week 3, feel it's going well though am worried abou stepping up to week 4! How have others managed?

Also, noticing my knee feels bit stiff today, not sore when running or resting but a bit odd now I'm resting. Thinking might have a few extra rest days this week but any tips on looking after my knees? I do a lot of hill walking and cycling but totally new to running and never thought I'd manage so don't want to injure myself!

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Hi! Good onya for the first 3 weeks. Sorry to hear about your knee....haven't experienced this myself but found my ankles felt better when Laura talked about consciously running by putting heels , then toes to the ground ..... Let me know if this helps....


Welcome to the forum and well done for doing the first 3 weeks.

Rest is just as important as the run so if you are feeling any strains take a couple of days in between runs. I read that if you over stride you are more likely to harm your knees, so make sure that when you run your feet don't land in front of you. They should be landing underneath the body and pushing off behind you. Hope this makes sense.

Good luck with the running. Week 4 is fine, just go nice and slowly and you'll make it!

Hi! I've just finished week 3 as well - I actually found the first two runs were easier than the last, so I might repeat it... I'm a bit scared about week 4 too! I can't really give much advice about rest days as I'm pretty new, but good luck!


Hi. Have a look on the NHS Health Choices web site that supports C25K. It has some really good tips as well as some exercises to keep your knees strong. Well done so far. I was worried about stepping up to week 4 so snuck a few mins onto my last run of week 3 to convince myself I could do it. The good advice that I had was slow down a bit. That's what I've done to get thro week 5.

Just done run 1 of week 4 & I was also worried but it is possible! I consciously slowed myself and Laura tells you when you're half way through the runs. Good luck


Welcome to the C25. Well done on completing W3 and try not to worry about W4 - it's not too bad and you have already put in the work needed to complete the next week. Best wishes.

Thanks for all the replies! Such a lovely supportive forum! :-)

I will try slow down for week 4 and hopefully that will help then, determined to do it!

Thanks for the knee advice, have looked up the advice and will try the exercises. Not sure how I'm striding don't think I've paid much attention to that so will try and consciously watch my stride next time!

Thanks so much for all the responses, much appreciated!

Hope it all continues to go well or everyone else :-)

Hi. Just joined last week so didn't do the programme. Did a 5K on Sunday but more of a shuffle/fast walk than a run! Will follow the programme and find another one and actually run all the way next time! It is really important (if overweight) to look after those knees. Try swimming on rest days.

Thanks aztecchic.

I'm not overweight and am quite fit so more worried about sore knees preventing me from doing other activities. I'm just totally new to running and didn't want to do myself an injury. I'll try adding swimming in on rest days, I haven't been in a while!

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