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Week 7 Complete: 1st Post on here though!


Hi All

I completed the last of the week 7 runs this morning, which was hard work but helped by a much cooler day than we have had lately. The breeze was lovely too.

My progress through the programme has been a bit stop/start to say the least due to knee injuries.

I live in the sticks, so the route from my house is over farm tracks so I twisted my knee twice running on rough ground (W3 twice). So I had to restart twice after a long break. I now walk until I am on 'proper' tracks (without huge hidden holes in them!) as the sinking feeling of disappointment when I have been forced to start again was something I didn't want to repeat for a 3rd time!

Feeling a bit intimidated by W8 now......

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Well don't be! The programme is progressive so if you've got this far then you are good to go. I think most of us have some problems with location at some point, and we've all run in circumstances than are less than ideal, but you can only do what you can do, so don't worry. Running on soil hardened by cows is awful I know, having done it several times, but you'll discover new running routes as you progress to graduation and beyond, when the landscape opens up in front of you.

Week 6 is the toughest. You've done that so now you'll be fine. Just keep slow and steady and you'll be at Graduation in no time

Get out there and nail it!

Maysie1Graduate in reply to misswobble

It is one of the nice things about being able to cover some 'proper' distance now, I can actually choose a selection of alternative tracks that weren't available when I started!

Also, now that my legs have become more used to the running and the muscles are getting stronger, I should be less likely to hurt myself again.

I am not taking any risks until after W9R3 though! After that the field tracks at the back of my house are gonna get it...

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Maysie1

The rutted dried soil is worse. Where cows have made all those holes in the soft earth and then it's dried and left craters designed to turn your ankles in the most painful way possible. Aaaaaghhh. I only ran those cos I got lost and ended up in the corner of a field with no escape except through the hawthorn. Ah the delights of the countryside. LOL

Now I can go further, slow but further but that's fine, you can vary your runs and enjoy a change of scene, which helps the run speed along as you're seeing new sights. You can get in your car if you have one and look for local runs not accessible from your door.

Have fun. That's the important thing. If you enjoy it you'll keep running

Speaking of which I'm going out now for a 5k. Woohoo


Welcome to the forum :) Top marks for perseverance :) Week 8 shouldn't prove too much of a problem if you've come this far. You've trained for it and you'll be ready. Trust in the programme and trust in yourself :) Good luck :)

Maysie1Graduate in reply to paul2014

Thanks Paul.

I must be getting pretty keen on the whole running thing as I have just treated myself to a Garmin GPS watch gadget as a bit of a present to myself for passing the 'real runner' marker (ie with no walking breaks any more).

Hopefully it will encourage me to keep going after W9.

paul2014Graduate in reply to Maysie1

Nice one :) I did the same thing and bought a Garmin as a 'graduation present' to myself :) There's a few of us on Garmin Connect if you fancy joining us over there ;) I'm Mr Tortoise ;)

Maysie1Graduate in reply to paul2014

Cheers Paul.

I will do - when it arrives and I work out how to use the thing!

Hello Maysie and welcome. You've done really well and kept it all to yourself until now! Don't worry about repeating runs/weeks. There's no hurry, just take your time and enjoy it.

I live in the sticks too and don't run outside my door for the reasons you've mentioned which is a shame as the scenery is beautiful, but I don't want an injured ankle!

Don't feel intimidated about week 8. Take it slowly and you'll be absolutely fine. You're ready for it.

Maysie1Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

Thanks IP.

I was lurking on here for a while, but didn't post in case I had to abandon the programme (again) through (yet another) injury. Somehow it became a mental challenge to myself that I needed to overcome without the support of others, I am not sure where that comes from but I have always been that way.

I have never been able to run, even as a kid, so I was really pleased when I could run for the full 20 minutes non-stop. AND enjoyed it (afterwards).

Now I am actually enjoying running and which is something that I never ever thought would happen. Even my wife now wants to start the c25k programme as she has has seen how much it has changed my attitude to running, so we are off to Sweatshop on Friday to get her fitted with some proper shoes.

I bow down to all those who are any further ahead on the programme than me as I have found it stop start for 8 weeks and have got to week 4 so far! Really admire all of the C25k'erz wherever they are with it, it's a massive thing to just get going with it! :)

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