Week 7 - hardest yet?

I'm way behind on this schedule - I should have graduated weeks ago, but went on holiday, have repeated runs - particularly week 5... sailed through week 6 - even run 3 - which I did on a treadmill for the first time - it felt like it went on forever. So why is week 7 so hard? Today was my second attempt and still only got up to 15 minutes and had to stop and walk. Psychological? Because I know there's no more interval walking? I don't understand... I've tried varying my route... ah well a bad run is better than no run at all.

PS What distance was everyone running by now - i.e. how long did it take you to do a mile? I've found I'm running a mile in about 10 minutes.

Well, I'm not going to let it beat me - off out again Friday. I may have graduated by Christmas....


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7 Replies

  • I am the same, on week 7 but took a while getting there. I just did W7R1 yesterday. I don't know about miles but am running at about 7.5 km/hr which is fairly slow but am completing.

    A mile in ten minutes is about 10km/hr pace so you are going a good bit faster. Maybe slow down? Stamina comes before speed.

  • Don't despair.You are one among many of us who take time to graduate sometimes life,work,holidays and those little demons in our head get in the way.

    Stay positive and if you need to repeat runs so be it ...you will get there.

    I found it beneficial to just focus on plodding along for the time rather than focusing on my speed or the distance as that comes later as your fitness and stamina improves.

    You can do week 7 you just have to believe you can. Slow and steady .

    Good Luck :-)

    P.S I only tried a treadmill once and hated it .Love running out in the fresh air .

  • Hi again! That sounds fast compared to my speed although I am a bit of a snail. My faster average mile time in week 7 was 10.39 and I ran a little slower than that on the others. I run briefly on pavements then in woods and fields. Good luck!

  • I found week 7 the hardest and doing those longer runs consistently can be draining. Don't worry about the distance you are covering just go at a slow and steady pace to complete the time. It does get easier I promise just dig in deep and have some positive mantras to help you through. Good luck

  • Thanks for all the positive posts, people. This site is brilliant. Slow and steady for Friday's run then.

  • Update to this - managed to do run 1 again on Friday and did run 2 last night - the last five minutes seem to go on forever, but I did it. Feel a little more confident that I can do these longer runs now. Thanks everyone for your support.

  • Hooray you did it! I'm at the same stage as you and had a similar experience. Onwards and upwards!

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