Couch to 5K

Week 2 done, roll on week 3!

I'm so grateful that my better half asked me to put this on her phone a couple of weeks ago. That was just after our cross trainer broke and I found out the required part won't be available until mid-late May! So I thought I'd give this a go...

Ever since school I've hated running, I used to have asthma and was always nearly last and made to "do another lap!"

I tried running a couple of years ago, even bought the proper trainers, but I thought I could just go out and run 3 miles (if I took it slowly!) Yet another failure and conclusion that my knees weren't up to running!

This programme has changed my life, no seriously, I feel like an addict, I even snook in a run today to finish week2 (normally run Mon Wed Fri). I live in hilly Belper, Derbyshire which definitely adds to the challenge, but I'm loving it so far.

So if a 41 year old couch potatoe like me can do it anyone can!

I'm slightly nervous about next week but I'll let you all know how I get on!!!

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Its amazing how it can transform those of us who were never runners in our youth!

Good luck with week three :)


thanks AllyBally, just done run 1 of week 3 and it was fine! Quite hard (as expected) and 3 minutes definitely felt like longer. The thing that surprised me most was that I didn't go as far as in the past 2 weeks and ended up with an extra 5 mins cool-down walk to get home at the end. At least I know for the next 2 now.


Well done, I'm about to start week 5 and feel like an addict too, this programme kinda gets you that way!

Week 3 will be great :)


Congratulations on getting to week 5. I still can't quite believe I'm going to be able to run for 30 minutes non-stop in a few weeks time. But then I suppose 2 weeks ago I would never have believed I could do what I've just done!

Roll on the rest of week 3!


The hills round here are a challenge but the views are worth it... plus the possibility as we improve of getting the train one way.


I find the downhill runs really hard, but my thinking is I can run here I can run anywhere!

Good luck with your journey!


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