W1 Run 3 Done! Roll on week 2

At the end of a very tiring week at work it would have been easy to put off my 3rd run, but once again I decided to do it in the early morning run before breakfast when I definitely seem to have more energy. I used the Endomondo app on my iPhone to track my timings so that I can hopefully see some real progress over the weeks to come.

I'm still keeping it very slow, but still managed to do just over 3k in around 31 minutes, which is quicker than my normal walking pace so that feels like progress (I have short legs!)

My route is along the canal which is very flat with an excellent path.

I had a slight niggle in my right knee on the first run, but it improved from the second onwards, so I will try to do some knee exercises before the next run.

I finished again with more left in the tank, and recovered fairly quickly so am feeling that I have achieved something. I've also noticed that my appetite seems to be naturally suppressed on the days when I've had a run which is an added bonus.

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  • Congratulations on completing week 1

  • Well done on completing the first week of the programme. It is an achievement and all down to you making the effort. Good luck with the start of week 2 and best wishes.

  • Thank you Fitmo. Aiming to start week 2 tomorrow.

  • Well done on completing week 1. Onto week 2 now. Your body is adjusting to the running and I believe that it is part of the fight or flight process where we really don't feel hungry. This will change as your body adjusts. At times I am starving now! It's a good idea to start thinking about healthy running food.

    Enjoy week 2 xxx

  • Thanks for the warning re hunger - I'm doing nutracheck at the same time and hoping to lose a stone over the next couple of months, so feeling good at the moment from both the exercise and the healthy eating. let's hope I manage to lose some before the hunger kicks in :)

  • Well done! I did W1R3 this morning (at 6am so that I have the world to myself). It is an amazing feeling of acomplishment, isn't it? Good luck with week 2.

  • Thanks it's great isn't it. Looking at your profile name I think we are in a similar position! Good luck with week 2

  • Woooooo! You did fantastic! You will enjoy week 2, I sure did, i felt it was easier and i think you will breeze through it! Keep it up :)

  • Thanks - I doubt I'll breeze through week 2 as I only just manage to keep running for the minute so 90 seconds will be a challenge. but will give it my best shot:)

  • Congrats on completing w1 :) I'm about to do my w2r2 today and I can't wait :) Ive also noticed that I'm not as hungry after run days. Strange as I thought I'd be more hungry after exercising. Anyway , enjoy w2, I know I am :)

  • Thank you and well done for getting to week 2 run 2. Good luck

  • Well done on getting through Week 1. Getting up and getting out there is the first hurdle. Now you've finished week 1 all you need to do now is follow and trust in the programme. It really works! Don't worry about pace and distance yet.. that will come. For now getting out there and "one foot in front of the other" is the goal...

    Well done! Good luck for Week 2!

  • Looking forward to a morning run tomorrow :)

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