Week 5, run 2 done!

I headed out today quite looking forward to this one but thinking ooh it's a big step from 5 minutes to 8 but I managed it and I really can't believe I ran 8 minutes twice!!!

About five weeks ago I was really struggling to run 1 minute so I am over the moon with completing 8 minutes non stop! Mind you, every slight incline felt like a mountain and that's when I thought the cycle path was flat.. I could really feel it but then running back down felt lovely.

I need to find another route as by 6pm it was starting to come in dark and I don't really fancy running along a cycle path with open fields one side and an unlit country road the other next week when the clocks turn back an hour.

Anyway.. on to the third run of week 5 in a couple of days and IF I complete that I will be surprised! and pleased lol.


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13 Replies

  • Well done. Just go really slow and steady. You will be surprised at yourself. 😀

  • thank you! I hope so lol

  • You will I felt like you but did it !so go for it, I run in a local park that's lit when I don't get out in the morning

  • Well done! I'm amazed at how I have gone from 1 minute to 25 in 7 weeks. It's such a good programme. I have similar concerns about running in the dark as my route is also a bit out of the way but will be looking in to somewhere better lit.


  • It's such a great programme! I feel loads fitter already :)

  • Well done debze. You're doing great and will complete run 3 I'm sure of that.

    You've completed all the other weeks and it's built you up to this point where you are now ready for the non-stop 20 minutes. It sounds a lot (and it is!) but we've all done it and I see no reason why you can't. Just remember to start off *very* slowly...and then stay like that until Laura congratulates you on finishing! ;)

  • I will do and thank you! It is really motivating reading that other people have done it too. I really don't think I would have ever got this far without the plan. :) Good luck on your next one! You're nearly into steady runs now :)

  • Thanks. :) Yeah, my week 6 run 3 is on Wednesday and its a 5 minute warm up then straight into a non-stop 25 minute run. So, hopefully I'm up to it when it arrives. I should do, because I've already done the 20 minute non-stop without any major problems, and in fact, at the time, I remember as Laura announced the 20 minutes was up, I seemed ok and felt like I had more in the tank if really needed.

  • Just keep on, one step at a time. slow and steady, that is the way :)

    I have to say, since running I think nowhere is flat! There are roads that rise up when they see me coming :)

    Important to be safe and feel safe.. do you wear an alarm.. I do, I run early morning in fields and on tracks, I think if I hit my alarm, the only things to hear it would be pheasants and any other wildlife!!!

    Very, very well done.. onward and upward and downward when you can :)

  • Thank you! I will have a look for an alarm too and a new route for the dark winter nights :)

  • Well done Debze

    Just plod along at your pace, and if you feel you are struggling, just slow the pace right down. You will be amazed at how quickly your ace will pick up on its own accord.

    As to a running route I can't advise you, but unsure you are wearing hi vis attire so that you can be seen. SPorts Direct is your friend there


  • Thank you! I don't have any hi-viz at the mo but a trip to sports direct is due I think :)

  • Or shop online....

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