Week 9 run 3 done!

Well, I've done it! Finally graduated yesterday! I thought I might try and keep going to see if I could run 5KM, that might have been a mistake! Very humid day,78% again, I changed my route to one that is a little easier to work out exactly how far I had run. (When I check Runkeeper afterwards frankly it's hard to tell as there isn't much difference between walking and running speed!) First thing I learnt is I really don't like running on gravel, seems to be very hard on the legs! During the 30 mins running I covered 3.4KM and as I said I tried to keep going....managed another 10 minutes or so until I came to a particular hill that is my "bete noire". I just couldn't get up it, ran a total of 4.4KM in around 40 minutes. Strangely, I didn't feel at all happy or excited, I felt quite tearful and deflated.... anyone else experienced that? Maybe it's that the pressure is off now I've completed the programme, maybe I just over did it...

Still, I've done it, and now I'm going to have a couple of days off running, going to swim today and see if that stops my legs hurting, want to use the pool as much as I can before it shuts in a fortnights time. Then I'm just going to run for enjoyment, no pressure to complete a certain time just because that tyrant Laura says I must! I'm looking forward to getting back to Cambridge in October, lovely flat Cambridge with lots and lots of lovely places to run! It IS difficult around here, a very small, very hilly town, there really is only one or two routes unless I want to risk running on fairly high speed roads with no pavements....Feeling very proud of myself that I even attempted C25K here, let alone finished it!


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  • Congratulations, Curlygurly, you've done it. My graduation run was a bit of an anticlimax, which is why I encourage people to set up the conditions for their grad run to be as good as possible. However, you should be very proud and just remind yourself how far you have come.

    Welcome to the graduation club, fellow runner. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Congratulations to you. Enjoy, and look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey

  • Yay Curly, you did it!! Congratulations, be proud and get that graduate badge quickly. :) :) Running on gravel is horrible, such hard work!! What with the gravel and the humidity, no wonder you found it tough going!

    Suspect that your slight sense of anti-climax is due to the title of the programme. It does rather set us up to feel like failures if we don't hit the magical 5k on w9r3. Well s*d that Sweetie!! You've been contributing to the forum long enough to know that's a load of old pants! You're a graduate and a damn fine one too! You ran for 40 minutes not 30 on gravel!! How flippin' awesome is that. Now get some carbohydrates down you to restore your inner calm and start grinning like crazy woman. Curlygurly- GRADUATE :)

  • Well done Curlygurly...you should be very proud of yourself ,it's quite a feat completing C25K in the heat and with hills thrown in for good measure !

    Congratulations and Happy Running :)

  • Well done Curlygurly! You did it, and you will have many lovely (flatter) runs to look forward to. Enjoy your swim today and remember to ask for your graduation badge. :)

  • Well done & on gravel & in heat too. Swimming is really good for recovery.

  • well done! forget the distance, you ran for 40 minutes - you smashed that graduation run girl : D

  • Well done! You did it! That's fantastic. Think back 9 weeks! Look where you are now. That's a massive achievement. Happy running graduate!!!!

  • Well done! You DID IT! And then went on to run another 10 minutes... get you eh? :)

    Superb effort - well done!

  • From one new graduate to another ...CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I think I agree with you on running on gravel/street. I've noticed pain in my one knee since I began running outside. I'm thinking about getting a copperwear knee sleeve I do want to continue outdoor running but also need to take care of myself.


  • Hey Curly, you did it ! Congratulations to you ! I can totally understand where you said that you felt tearful and deflated cos I was exactly the same ! I could have literally sat down on the kerb and sobbed my heart out , I think it was a mixture of relief, a lifting of the pressure , a feeling of what am I going to do now ? BUT after a hour or so , I felt absolutely euphoric , the sense of achievement I had was amazing !

    I think its because I was totally consumed and overwhelmed by it all during the 9 week programme , I couldn't wait to get out again, I used to dream about it , it just took me over , and then when I had done it , I just felt a little lost . Really though, it is just the beginning , have a little rest and then get out there ! I was very lucky as I had a R4L planned for 3 weeks after I graduated so I had a little short term goal that kept me going .

    You should be very very proud of yourself , Well done ! :-) xxx

  • That's fantastic Curly, well done. You will love running around Cambridge when you get back there I am sure. I felt a bit lost after graduating but gave parkrun a go and it is brilliant for me, it keeps me motivated. Give it a go when you return, I am sure you will enjoy it. x :-D

  • Congratulations on completing! You should feel really proud of yourself! Most of us don't manage the 5k on graduation and I have still to manage it in 30 minutes! Don't be downhearted, it gives you something to aim for now!

    I think your plan to run for fun is just right, and you will son have Cambridge to explore this way. Enjoy!

  • Fantastic Curly that's a great achievement have a well deserved rest. 5k can come later enjoy your swim

  • Congratulations :) well done! It is a great achievement to be able to run for 30 minutes never mind 40! Happy running :)

  • Yay, well done you ;o) Massive congratulations on completing your c25k. You shouldn't feel down at all, that is a fantastic achievement. As for running on gravell, I wouldn't recomend it!

  • Congratulations Curlygurly and keep posting. Well done you.

  • Congratulations Curly!! Fantastic that you ran an extra 10 minutes - gives me hope I will do the same on Saturday. I graduated this week too and I'm doing a 5K fun run so makes me feel I can keep going after the 30 minutes!!

    Enjoy your swim!

  • WAHOO! You did it! Way to go, Curly! I am just now discovering the joys of running on gravel myself. Huge congratulations on finishing the program! I wouldn't say the final run was a letdown for me, but it was definitely bittersweet. I really loved having something to follow and a concrete goal to work towards and I didn't want that part of it to end. I'm worried that I'll start relapsing back to my bad habits without someone telling me what to do every week! But kudos to you - you DID IT - and now you can bask in your glorious accomplishment. Well done!

  • Congratulations! And well done for carrying on for longer too!

    Completely understand your feelings of anti-climax. I did my graduation run on Saturday and just felt a bit empty at the end of it. I think part of the problem is knowing that you can do it already after runs 1 and 2, so run 3 doesn't feel especially significant.

    But you did it!! And that's a great achievement that lets you run how, when and where you like from now on (with or without Laura and her dodgy music)! Congratulations! :-)

  • I'm so pleased that you've graduated, very well done!

    Sure, have a break whilst your legs recover, but don't leave it too long. Without Laura you can go out and run just for the sheer pleasure of being outside.

  • Congratulations! What an accomplishment. Looking forward to hearing about your past graduation plans.

  • Aww you lovely lot, you made me cry again! Sniffle sob...I couple of you have definitely hit the nail in the head, that we feel a relief that it's over but it leaves a gap, and also that we know we can do it, we've already done it twice! With hindsight I think an extra 10 minutes was probably a bit ambitious, I've seen so many here saying they ran on at the end of their 30 minutes and made it to 5KM that I wanted to do that too! Silly me...Had a nice swim yesterday, today my legs feel better, I was a bit worried there having already had shin splints and my knees were hurting. Another day off today, then tomorrow I will indeed go out without Laura and and Runkeeper yelling in my ear and just run for the fun of it. Thans again all for the support xxx

  • Very well done Curly- not only graduating but going the extra 10 minutes on gravel - wow!

    There's always the feeling of what now at the end but first- ride high on that sense of achievement!

  • Curlygurly I'm so thrilled for you! I'm sorry I missed your post, I was so busy yesterday and went on a bat walk in the evening. Well my friend we have done it. Through thick and thin...and your badge looks good on you :D

  • Thank you Teabreaks, we've DONE it! Big congrats to you too xx

  • Congratulations Curlygurly! I want to be a graduate! People who post keep me motivated towards it. Thanks for posting x

  • Congratulations! !!!!!!!! Well done :-) :-)

    I'm back from my little holibobs in Spain and knew you were due to graduate while I was away.

    So check you out wearing your shiny badge. And how well deserved - it looks like you had a tricky time. But don't dwell on that.

    You're right, what you should do now is just run for the fun of it. 5k will happen in good time (took me 3 weeks). You've learned to run and completed the challenge and you should be proud of that.

    I'll have to find time now to catch up with everyone's news now.

    Hope your leg is feeling better.

    And BIG CONGRATS again :-) xx

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