Roll on week 3

I'm new to this community and this is my first post here! I recently decided I wanted to get fit in time for Christmas and generally get a head start on a healthier 2016, so I thought why not start now instead of promising myself on January 1st that this is the year I I overhaul my lifestyle. My aim is to be in the gym on January 2nd running 5Km.

Running has never been my thing - I have gone through sporadic periods of attempting to get into running, but I always start too fast and lose motivation. C25K seemed like the perfect solution to this as Laura provides a solid structure to adhere to. I started running 2 weeks ago and am awaiting Monday with fear and trepidation to start week 3.

I'm not very good at sticking to things so I'm hoping to blog my progress to keep me motivated and push me through when it gets tough (week 5 I'm thinking about you!!)

Anyway for now I am a bit achy and looking forward to some rest days!


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  • Well done for thinking about 2016 already and preparing to be fitter and healthier. I graduated about 6 weeks ago now and started C25K as part of a losing weight plan using calorie counting. Overall I have lost 22 lbs and I am a runner! Unbelievable that I struggled to run for 1 minute at the start. This is a fantastic programme and by the time you face week 5 run 3, physically you can do it and then on to graduation. Keep us all posted, love to hear all about it because I can remember it so well! Julie 😄

  • Wow, congratulations on graduating and on the weight loss! That is an incredible achievement. I'm not sure I would classify myself as a runner just yet, I feel quite out of place plodding along the streets in my running gear however I'm hoping I will get there. I will keep you posted - stories like yours are extremely motivating!

  • Don't worry about being slow,Mehta is what gets u through each run without injury! I used to think I was slower than someone walking! Breached a reasonable speed naturally

  • Great plan to get started early - you won't regret it . You are definitely in the right place for tips, encouragement and the occasional kick up the backside! Take it nice and slow, obey Laura in all things, honour your rest days and stretch out after your runs and you will be running that 5k in January. Good luck!

  • Thank you for the advise! I think I will definitely be in need of a kick up the backside or two -especially around the Christmas period, but I shall keep on posting my progress for people to follow :)

  • OOhh! Stretching. I never thought of doing that. That could explain the stiff legs. Off to google suitable stretches right now! Thanks!

  • Making the commitment to do it is half the battle, tell as many people as possible and get as much help as you can getting the running to stick as a habit. You will face challenges as we head into worse weather / shorter daylight hours / the eating and drinking period around Christmas, so you need everyone behind you. Good luck, looking forward to hearing your story.

  • Welcome! This is definitely the place to come for support on the tougher days, but also somewhere you can share all the highs and successes you will undoubtedly have as well (you will😀!). But watch out, both the programme and this forum are highly addictive. Good luck!

  • I like your aim of 5k in jan. When many others are starting programmes like this, you'll be so proud and pumped up for a brilliant year 👍👍

  • Hopefully that is the aim for now - and then hopefully in January I can focus on increasing my times or distances. There are some cold/dark months ahead but this community has been amazing so far and I'm hoping it is the motivation I need to learn to love running! There will be a photo of me on the treadmill after my 5k first week of Jan! :)

  • Good on you for not putting it off! Have a look online for your local Parkrun...a fab organisation that have free timed 5k runs on a saturday dont have to run the entire thing but having it timed gives you something to aim for. Its very encouraging. Best of luck x

  • The Parkrun sounds fantastic - however I live out in Germany for work at the moment - but I will definitely research similar types of organisation for after Christmas

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