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Completed week 5 run 3 with a hangover, where's my medal?!

It was my birthday on Friday and me and my other half went away for the weekend. Had a lovely meal and a few too many gin's :D However I managed to drag myself out of bed the next morning and set out to do the dreaded 20mins.

It went surprisingly well, I felt rough for the first 10mins but then it was ok, I was huffing and puffing the entire time but when Laura said only 60 seconds left I couldn't believe it! I ran a whole 20 mins, whoo hoo :D Feeling very pleased with myself and actually starting to believe that I am a proper runner after all.

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Well done! That first 20 min is a real milestone. And completing it with a hangover is very impressive!

Happy Birthday, by the way!


Happy birthday and well done! :)


Well done, medal is in the post!


Show off and well done!


Thanks everyone...yes I know I'm very smug :D


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