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Week 5, Run 3 - where's my gold medal?

Week 5, Run 3 -  where's my gold medal?

Did it! I was in two minds whether to attempt this today, my mind is on other things plus I've started taking various medication. I wasn't going to bother. I scraped through though, but not confidently. My jog was just a fastish walk to be honest, actually not even that fast, just different, a different walk.

I think I'll redo this week 5 next week and put more effort in to it.

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Well done for completing the run. Tasty medal!


Yes, well done for persevering on a bad day. I suspect you are being a bit hard on yourself though.

I've got one of those medals - it was in the goodie bag at my one and only race. It's probably the only gold medal I'll ever have so I can't quite bring myself to eat it ! ;-)


Well done you! I completed it today as well - and felt like I'd won a medal.


I'm getting chocolate medal envy!! But you deserve it after W5R3 as it is a hard run and you should feel really proud :D


Don't put yourself down, you do deserve that medal, I am sending you a virtual one :)


Ooh, now that's what I call a medal...yum!

Good luck with week 5 again, if that's what you decide. BUT you finished run3 and that's what counts!


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