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Week 5 run 3 completed

Just completed week 5 run 3 and came to the realisation that running 20 minutes may be the longest time I’ve ever run for without stopping to walk at some point (even as a kid).

And it was a much smoother run than I thought it would be - when Laura said ‘You’ve run for five minutes’ I had a wee chuckle to myself - it’s not many days since I thought running for five minutes was torture.

After that it was just a case of keeping the gremlins out of the way and concentrating on breathing steadily, legs feel much better during runs than when I was running for a couple of minutes early in the program.

Not sure I’ll ever be an enthusiastic runner but C25K has shown me that I can do it (and most of it is in the head) and I’m actually looking forward to week six.

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Go you! It's my turn tomorrow!


Sounds like you're already an enthusiastic runner :)

It's definitely all in the head.


well done that one is a big milestone, good luck for wk 6, be warned though, we sometimes expect wk 6r1 to be easy because it's back to intervals but it can be surprisingly tough, although manageable! I think we often expect it to be easy so the gremlins take advantage, but forewarned you can keep them at bay!


I will never forget the feeling after that run...totally ecstatic I was..enjoy..and you can make week will be tough..but you will fight those gremlins and do it :)

Good luck x


It's a great feeling, isn't it? I found myself thinking of all the people who would be astonished that I could do it and having a little smirk! Enjoy W6!


Running must be making us mentally tougher as well as physically because so much of it is in your head. W5r3? Tick. Bring on the next challenge!


As you say, the key is mental strength more than physical. It's an effort to get myself through that front door to start running, cos I'd rather not exercise, but each time I finish a run I really do feel better and, I'll be honest, a bit smug as well.


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