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Running kit for women?

I'm looking forward to getting some 'proper' gear soon, do experienced runners think a long-sleeve T-shirt, a gilet and some capri-length running trousers would be warm enough for April? Capris because I run on grass and full-length trousers get so muddy.

Plus, more of a comment than a question but I thought I'd pass this on....

When I started to run I was getting cold and a friend suggested wearing tights under my jogging bottoms - which apparently soldiers often do! The only warm tights I could find in my drawer were some 40 Denier Secret Support tights - the ones that help to smooth your silhouette through the hip and thigh. I was certainly warmer, but I also felt less self-conscious about my thighs and bottom wobbling as I ran. Now that I'm toning up this is less of an issue, but it might be worth trying if someone is just starting out.

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Thanks for the tip!

I've got "running tights" which are more like leggings - the drawstring waist was important for me as my previous trousers didn't have it and they kept slipping down! They're very fitted at the bottom, so mud shouldn't be a problem, though also I think it's warm enough for Capri's if you prefer them.

I got a vest from LIDL which is one that's meant to "wick" the sweat away from the body - I then wear a big baggy tshirt over. I also wear a hoodie when I set out but usually take this off before I start running.

Sport Direct seems to be a good place to get discounted gear.

Hope this helps,



It's also important to wear a sports bra to stop the 'bounce' and stretching of the ligaments in that area!

It all depends on you as an individual as to what to wear. As you get into running the full 30 mins (or more) you will find that you generate quite a bit of heat. If I feel cool when I go out I know I will be all right, if I feel ok or warm I know I've got too many layers on! I wear a hat and gloves in winter which will keep a lot of the heat in (you lose a lot of heat from your head - can't remember what the percentage is) and then generally a short sleeved running shirt, some form of cardigan, either lightweight if it's about 4C or above or a heavier weight one if it's below 4C and leggings. As it warms up I will be wearing a short sleeve running shirt and either capri's or shorts, but it's all rather individual.


Thanks for the advice.

I suppose if I'm going to get warm (I already do a bit, at 25 mins running) then a gilet will be a problem because I can't tie it round my waist. I do need a long-sleeve top of some sort as my warm up/down walk is 10 to 20 mins to get me to local parks.

So I will look out for some tights/leggings with a drawstring - I've already had a pair of jogging bottoms slide right down in public!, a wicking T-shirt and some sort of zip-up top.

I already had a sports bra and some trainers, so far all I've bought is a wristband to hold my mobile, and some sports socks. Shorts can wait until it's warmer :)


I am a little bit conscious of my bottom & Next do a 3/4 length legging with a skirt attached, which covers the wobbly bits. I have a feeling that Nike do one aswell but it didnt fit me as well as the Next one. it also has drawstring waist so you wont have to worry about them falling down & has a hidden pocket just large enough to pop a slim mobile phone or walkman in & a door key. £22 I think.

I get really hot so the tshirts with the wicking fabric are a godsend. I dont think I could run in long sleeves but definately need something to cover up in for the cool down walk as I tend to cool down very quickly if its cold outside. perhaps one of those lightweight jackets designed for running that is waterproof/windproof aswell. Iam on the lookout for one of these at the moment.

& I agree, sports direct is fantastic for cheap stuff. & if you see something in an expensive sports shop, dont forget ebay :)


I get all my stuff from sports direct, sign up for their newsletter and you get daily deals, not always good but I got a running jacket for 11 quid and two pairs of running socks for 3 quid. Bargain!!! Also, drawstring waists are a must < i hate it when they start to roll down when you are running :( JJB also do good deals sometimes, I got a thinnish Nike hoodie from them and it's perfect for most weathers. :)


she active do great variety of ladies sports gear. wind proof is often what you need as gillet layer, shock absorber RUN bra (the best support, if awkward to get into initially)


moving comfort bras for those of us with small chests (AorB cup)


Was looking for the leggings with the skirt but I bought some tight lycra leggings, bit worried about my wobbly bottom being more on show but I found that once I started running I didn't even think about it! Got mine from tk maxx.


Now I'm in Wk8 I'm getting very hot in my fleece!

So I've ordered some capris, a wicking T-shirt (short-sleeve) and a windproof jacket. The SportsDirect site was down but FieldandTrek had similar. And also some shorts, in case I do want to try the gym at some point :)

I could always wear the shorts over the capris but having come so far my bottom is looking really good.

I like Freya sports bras - they just suit my shape.

Thanks all for the advice :)


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