Drowned rat

Well, it was torrential rain all night and still raining when I was up and ready for the off. Don't get me wrong. I really don't mind running in the rain but I do have a couple of minor complaints. My 'waterproof' jacket is just not waterproof at all it seems. It does keep me VERY warm though so it least it does prevent wind chill but when I got home and took it off i discovered that my top was dripping almost as much as my trousers! And the trousers.... well, what can I say! Old jogging bottoms that stretch with the weight of the water until I'm standing on them and get so sodden that I almost feel like I'm running with weights and the only thing keeping them up is the very tightly knotted drawstring! Needless to say I came in looking like a drowned rat but happy :)

Any tips on trousers? Leggings/tights/tracksters. What's the difference. And ideally I'd like something with a drawstring and a pocket (small is ok). Don't want to spend a fortune as I'm still (slowly) losing weight but I have been getting totally confuddled with what's available out there.


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  • Just back from my run, I got soaked too! My jacket isn't waterproof either, I was wet to the skin! I recently bought some Nike tights, I've resisted until now but they really are the best thing. They weren't cheap though and no idea how stretchy they are as such, so if you're still losing weight they might not be much use... sorry I can't be more helpful, MW is the expert on leggings I think. xx

  • I got these. They're really nice.


  • They look good. Don't need thermal ones but they seem to have some others too which are worth checking out. Thanks :)

  • I wouldn't describe them as very thermal. I bought them because I was looking for warm leggings for the winter, but they aren't that thick and I wear them with my Aldi ski leggings underneath. I thought they were going to be fleece lined, so was a bit disappointed, but actually they've worked out pretty well.

    Let's hope it warms up soon. I got all excited yesterday when I ventured out to the shops as I didn't need a ski coat, woolly hat and gloves. Then today it's flippin arctic again. Hey ho.

  • Oh wow! I was expecting them to be a lot warmer than that. It's a lot milder here than a lot of you have been getting. The wind still has a bit of a bite to it on occasion but our bees have been flying so it's definitely warming up. Hope you get some more springlike weather soon x

  • I've got these too and love them. Wore them today and I was a bit too warm! Whey hey spring is springing.

    (Got the top for a Christmas pressie and just had to get the matching bottoms didn't I?)

  • I think "Sports Direct" is good and they have a sale on at the moment. You might get an explanation if you go online then you can work out which would be best for you. I have just bought legging type trousers which have zips at the ankle cuff. The are nice and warm.

  • I'll have to have another look. Went in there last week and there was loads for men but I could find very little for women so maybe next time. Mind you I was in a bit of a rush too so that never helps! :)

  • Try Sportsdirect.com. got mine there. I have the hind running tights and they are great. A drawstring waist and a small pocket on your back/bum. They are warm but not overly hot. I also go the jacket but when I went out in the rain on Monday I was soaked (although not sure if that was rain leaking in or sweat leaking out :) ). They are not expensive and really fast delivery.

  • Our Southport store has a "he runs she runs" part in the store and it is really quite good.

  • Shorts Direct gave a sake on? Never!

  • I hate auto correct. Ruined my comment. Gave a Sake on? What does that mean? I give up.......

  • But I knew exactly what you meant :D

  • Sake would keep you warm for a bit...

  • Oh you poor thing Hil. Running in soaking wet kit is very demoralising! I got some Nike Filament leggings on MissWs recommendation. They're completely fab and I love 'em to pieces. Got them from Sports Direct in their sale. :)

  • Well I definitely ran slower today lol :) I should have weighed the kit to see how much water I was carrying :D Deffo sounds like another trip to SD. Seems like I must have missed a lot last time I was there or they haven't had the stock in yet. :)

  • There is no such thing as an effective waterproof jacket for activity sports. If it's waterproof enough to keep the rain out, it's probably too impervious to let the sweat out at a fast enough rate. I work on the principle that warm and wet is preferable to cold and wet, so I tend to go for warmth and don't worry about how wet I get. After all, the first thing I'm going to do when I get home is to go and stand in the shower and get well and truly soaked. Skin is waterproof anyway.

    As far as trousers go- go for running tights or tracksters. You can probably pick a cheap pair of tights up at SD. You might consider buying them on the tight side if you are still losing weight. It will give you some incentive to keep losing it. Alternatively, I've just ordered a pair of Ron Hill classic tracksters from sportshoes.com for £12.50 (plus £2 postage), which I didn't think was a bad price. Personally, I prefer tracksters because they aren't as figure hugging so they disguise my spindly legs. I also like the stirrups that go under the feet - I've long legs (in relation to my waist size) and this stops them riding up leaving 4" of bare flesh round the ankles that I get with lycra tights.

    As it's getting warmer now - have you thought about just wearing shorts. You'll run faster simply so that you can get home again sooner ;)

  • That's a very good point Adam! I get hot enough in that jacket at the best of times so as you say better wet and warm than cold and wet. I didn't actually notice the wet until I took it off, was just rather surprised! But it was absolutely chucking it down so probably should have been better prepared :)

    Shorts or capris might be a good option. It's certainly not been as cold here as elsewhere in the country so don't need anything thermal. Although I do generally prefer a long leg so will check out the Ron Hills thanks.

  • The telegraph did a good review a running gear over the last weekend or so. You need to go for bottoms that have a relatively high elastane/Lycra content otherwise they can appear see through when stretched tight ( for instance when you bend over...). Nike are excellent, but so are some of the supermarket brands for a lot less.

  • :o Definitely won't be going for the see through look, so that's a very good tip thanks.

  • I like Adam's suggestion of you in shorts! :) Mind you, I wouldn't dream of wearing them myself where you run, Hil! You'd be frozen in seconds! Running tights are probably best, because they'll hold the least amount of water. They'll get soaked, but not drag themselves down your legs.

  • Aldi do cheap and cheerful running gear. The tights have a drawstring so you can tighten them as you lose weight. I bought a pair and they are great. They have a small pocket as well.😁

  • Oh thanks, I'd forgotten all about Aldi. That's where I got my favourite top from too!

  • That sounds like fun! Wet but fun!

    I posted last week about the Nike factory outlets having fantastic sales (50-70% off) so if you have one nearby it might be worth a look.

    And what about TKMaxx? I've picked up some great buys there. Always worth a peek.

  • It was fun :)

    Sadly we don't have any Nike factory outlets here and I'm not really in a position to travel very far at the moment. BUT we do have a TKMaxx so I'll check that out too. Thanks :)

  • Hiya :-). Nothing like a nice wet run hey?!

    Aldi, Asda and Primark are places where I've bought cheap and perfectly good running leggings and base layers. And being closer fitting they don't get heavy with the rain.

    Happy shopping and happy running

    :-) xx

  • Thanks :)

  • Well done hilbean. You could always go with shorts with a zip pocket. Think MW uses Capri soethings

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