Anyone ladies run with a skort?

I am looking into buying some better running gear because my 3/4 length tracksuit bottoms are just too hot. I'm not confident enough yet (will I ever be?) to don the 3/4 tights or the very short shorts that you often see advertised for women, so was wondering about a skort (short skirt and 3/4 tights in one).

Do any of you ladies run in these? Are the cool to run in? I'm a bit worried that the layers (skirt over tights) will leave me just as hot as my tracksuit bottoms.

Even if you don't run with a skort, any clothing advice related to keeping cool would be much appreciated!

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  • I bought a skort last year and wore it once, drove me crackers flapping about, love my 3/4 length capri

    And wear them all year round.

  • I'm with Oldgirl, running with a skirt on seems nuts. I have to say my 3 quarter runnings tights from Nike are fab and would suit any figure. If you are worried get a long t shirt. They really are comfy and cool. I have dabbled in short shorts but they rode up my thighs and I ended up showing more than I intended. Good luck!!

  • I have no experience with skorts but just want to add that they can look pretty good. I saw a woman wearing one over 3/4 tights on my run today and I absolutely liked the look because it was a wider skirt that left her enough room to move . Well, this woman had slim legs so I think she would also have looked great without the additional skirt. Nevertheless, I think the aspect of getting too hot speaks against them.

  • Thank you ladies, I've never actually seen myself in 3/4 tights so it might not be that bad. I guess I'll just have to get myself down to the running store and try them on. Nomoresloth, I agree that the skorts look better but I think my desire to stay cool will win out over my vanity! :-)

  • I would say 'you are a runner, don't worry about what others think, just wear what is comfy for you-wear shorts if it is comfy for you'! And, I wear running shorts in this hot weather with a T on top, they are sooo comfy for me. Good luck to you for your running!!!

  • Hi, I run in a tennis skirt with 'built' in shorts, it's cool enough and comfy.

  • Thanks Kiky, I've decided to just go down to the shop and try on one of each - a skort and 3/4 running tights - and see which I feel most comfortable in/confident wearing.

  • I run in a short skirt with shorts underneath (Nike) -- cool and attractive!

  • I run in a wedding dress. Bloody hard to keep the dirt off it, weighs a bloomin' ton and the veil always sticks to my face. I do NOT recommend it.....

  • Oh Dan... Now you have to send us a picture of you running in a wedding dress. With veil. I want it by... when's your next run? Tomorrow? ;)

  • Definitely a picture needed.

  • Photo please Dan

  • Tip: get a new wedding dress with a detachable train

  • We are still waiting for your picture, Dan! :D

  • Alas, owing to censorship by the British Board of Wedding Gowns I am not permitted to post a picture of such hideousness!!

  • Ah, come on... Are you among these lovely ladies?

  • I wear 3/4 tights with short shorts over the top. No one needs to see my derriere without them! I sometimes wear hubby's football shorts, but the tights support the muscles and I always run better with the tight and short arrangement. Can't say it's particularly cool though with the extra layer..

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