W3R2 Done and Dusted

Just back from my second run of week 3, in my shiny new running tights (I got excited and decided to treat myself as they weren't that expensive on Amazon and could also be used for yoga :P), and things were definitely easier than Monday. Found it much easier to switch off today and just run (possible because revision is killing me slowly and my brain no longer works properly xD), and it was such a beautiful day today - yet another reason to enjoy the run today :) It felt weird running in the tights at first (they're not tight, but they do cling and for the first few minutes I felt like I'd forgotten my trousers xD), and I did worry I looked a little ridiculous, but I ran anyway, and actually during my warm down walk I caught sight of myself in a window, and I actually didn't look as silly as I'd feared :)

Also, am I the only one who finds that last minute impossibly long? xD Whenever Laura says I've only got one minute left it always seems to take an age to finish that last minute... Probably just because I know I'm nearly at the end :P

Looking forward to W3R3 on Saturday :)


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11 Replies

  • Yoga tights are looser than run tights, and possibly not as thick. Mind you not that it matters this weather 😃

    Just keep going nice and slowly and you'll be fine 😃

  • Then I have no idea what I was running in xD The description on Amazon said they were running and yoga tights... *Shrugs* They worked, and definitely nice and cool today :P

  • If you were comfy.. that is great...

  • Definitely comfy :)

  • Firstly.. well done you...secondly....never worry about looking ridiculous.. you are running and that is all that matters... :) I love entertaining folk with my funky gear!

    Keep it slow and steady and you will be fine :)


    Avoid shop windows... :)

  • Thank you, I'll keep that in mind ^-^ And I'm lucky in that I run in a mostly residential area at the moment (unavoidable where I'm currently staying), so there aren't too many shop windows I need to watch out for at the moment :P

  • WTG Adler sounds like you enjoyed it. Best of luck for Saturday :)

  • Thanks :) Didn't manage it Saturday (I have a chronic pain problem which was particularly bad yesterday morning and I didn't want to make it worse), but I managed it this morning instead :)

  • Glad you have running (and new tights) to lighten up your revision schedule. I'm sure it's actually good for your brain, as well as for your fitness!

    I always found that last minute interminable, even at the end of the programme. I used to literally count down the seconds, and was so pleased if my counting was slower than the actual time. A couple of months after graduation, however, when I've occasionally used the podcast after a break in running, I wonder what I was fussing about. Yes, I'm on the way home - and I'll get there quicker because I'm running!

    Good luck with Run 3!

  • It's definitely a nice break to be able to get out of the flat and do something non-revision related, yes! Gives me something else to focus on for half an hour or so :)

    Glad I'm not the only one who counts down the last minute xD Managed not to this morning though, but I was quite preoccupied, so maybe that's why... :P

    Thanks! :)

  • I run in a lovely yoga crop top I got from Lidl. It was cheap as chips but looks proper posh. Then I put a vest over it 😃

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