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Running Tights :D

Having been inspired by Rob's posts to buy a pair of running tights, I have finally actually used them :)

I bought them back in November, but up until now it really hasnt been cold enough to wear them, shorts have been fine.

I was back in Blighty for Christmas week, arrived Christmas Eve. I did my run around Draycote Water on Christmas Day morning, and as it looked very white and crisp out there, I decided to give the tights a try.

They certainly did keep my legs pleasantly warm. I wore my shorts over the top so as to avoid scaring children and small animals. Though at 8h00 in the morning on christmas day, there were not any children. Lots of squirrels and bunny rabbits though, and they seemed to largely ignore me :)

The run went really well, and I covered just under 10km.

What surprised me, was that although I didnt notice the tights whilst running, I did notice them while walking afterwards. They make my legs feel slightly bionic, and it's strange, but when I'm running, I dont notice the pressure they exert.

Anyway, I've kept wearing them since then, and will continue to do so until the weather warms up.

So well done Rob, I'm a convert too now ;)

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Robs should have shares in a running tights company, because lots of people have followed his advice and bought some :D Well done Zev, hope those bionic legs carry you to great things in 2015


Thanks AM. :D


thanks AM :D darn should have been on commision :D


Being a displaced Jock, I am still a little canny when it comes to spending I use thick ladies tights. These keep the legs warm, have a degree of compression and with some shorts over the top, look fine. I've not mentally scarred anyone for life yet, that I know!!

My other option is Ronhill Tracksters. These are BRILLIANT. Check Go Outdoors for some-times offers on them.


I love my running tights. I got my first pair in November and have bought several pair since. I like Under Armour because I live near an outlet shop, but I also have few pair of Filas in designer patterns.


I was slow to convert to leggings... but now I use them all the time ( thanks Rob :-) ) ... I don't really care what others think, so dont bother to wear shorts on top. They did feel strange at first as blokes aren't generally used to wearing anything skin tight like this.


I also wear shorts over the top - I'm not sure the world is quite ready for my lycra clad bum!


haha well done Zev :D good for you and thanks :D i now have 2 pairs :D and dont wear shorts over them :D it is rather liberating :D like you say i dont notice them at all when running :D and my legs are toasty warm , dare i say i like how they feel :D :D probably to much haha


I think a lot of the 'science' of compression gear has been debunked over the last couple of years, but I'll still only run in my tights (again, with shorts over the top) and compression tops. I originally tried them as it was suggested that they may help with leg cramps, and what do you know, those problems went away - I'm sure it was just psychosomatic but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I did feel a bit of a banana at first (especially as my top was yellow, and I needed peeling out of it), but I think you get over the self-consciousness very quickly

Now I find they're great at temperature regulation throughout the year and remain convinced that they help me recover faster afterwards


Same here I love the compression of the tights. Gives your muscles something to fight against as you run. And I recover fast after for some unknown reason


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