Couch to 5K

Week 8, Run was raining heavier than I thought!!

It seemed to be just a light drizzle this morning, so I figured it would be OK.

It was - I ran the full 28 minutes but got VERY WET :-) - I always turn around halfway and go back the way I came - thought twice about it today as I was then running into the rain and wind, but persevered as I've not actually done the full circuit and wasn't sure if I'd get lost.

I'm feeling very proud of myself - if I ran in those conditions then I should be fine for the rest of this week :-)

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Well done casdix!.. I also ventured out this morning to do W7 run 2 in the rain. My neighbours would have thought me mad if they saw me I'm sure. The only good thing about the rain was that it kept me cool. When I got home I had to strip off in the kitchen and throw everything in the the washing machine as the rain was dripping off me!

I think we call this dedication (or madness!)



Well done both of you! I am due to do my run today (w7r3) but just back from a weekend away and it's lashing down so have decided to put it off until tomorrow morning...hopefully it will be drier!


fingers crossed! I'm reading on facebook that some parts of the country have snow!!


I had the snow... :(


Crikey seems I've been lucky, I have had beautiful sunny days for my runs, only two rainy ones and then only slight drizzle, don't know how I'd cope in "Extreme" weather!! Well done all of you :)


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