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Here I go again…

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Having graduated last December, and run 5k thrice weekly through the spring, I woke up on Easter morning in the recovery ward after emergency surgery for bowel blockage. I spent a week in the Gastro-intestinal ward moving from nil-by-mouth to fluids only (who knew jelly counted as a fluid?) to real food.

I marvelled at wonderful staff doing a (literally) shitty job while remaining efficient and above all kind. I’d lost quite a bit of weight, and I’ve had to build myself up again, starting with a really low fibre diet and working back to normal. Rushing things put me back in hospital twice! I’ve been slowly building up my strength again - the abdominals take a real hit from major gut surgery - and have now completed W1R2. Again. Jumping in any further on didn’t seem realistic.

I’m not as fit as when I first started C25k the first time, I’ve been rather inactive for 14 weeks, so it’s going to be steady-as-you-go. But I know how slowly I should run this time (big mistake last time).

Looking forward to being a runner again!

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Slow and steady is key, this is essential reading for those starting C25K or returning after a break it also has a link to the NHS 12 week strength and flexibility programme which you can use alongside C25K on your non running days, don't forget to have a day of complete rest once a week.

Good news that you can run again..... take it gently and enjoy yourself.

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Welcome back.Many of us have had to redo C25k from scratch and it is valuable to spend time gently rebuilding stamina and resistance to impact and injury. No need to rush it, as you have already found.

Be kind to yourself and you will get the best results and try not to compare your performance with what you previously did. Your body is different and older so needs consideration.

Keep us posted.

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Wow you have had a time of it!! Glad you have recovered. I got to week 6 run 3 then broke my foot! I was in a black boot for 6 weeks then told not to run for 8 weeks so total 14 weeks off…devastating!! However, I started again at W1 and gently enjoyed it again knowing I was capable…I have this morning done W9 R2!!! I am incredibly amazed and thrilled…as already said on here there are so many people who have started again after minor or extremely severe issues but the programme is there whenever you are ready! And its more fun second time around as you know you can at least do part of it! Again as already said , go gently and slowly and enjoy!! Good luck 😉

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Oh gosh, sounds like you’ve had a really tough time, well done for getting yourself strong enough to start running again, that’s really impressive. Do take it easy though! Good luck.

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Good luck with restarting I hope all goes well! So many of us have had long times off and coming back to running is always exciting :)

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Sorry to hear you were ill but glad that you are able to start running again. Please take things very slowly and gently. I assume your doctor/ healthcare professional has given you the green light to start exercising again? 🤗

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I was inactive for 7 months post surgery. I followed the advice of the physio who built me up very gently. I was only given the nod to run when he thought I was ready. It has been slow going and a pure accident the illness was spotted as I had no symptoms.

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