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Here I go again - W1R2

After a 45mn walk yesterday, I've just got back from my 2nd run of the week and managed to complete all 8 runs.

There's a faint voice in the back of my mind reminding me that I did choose a flat then downhill route, but I tell myself that to get to the route, I did have to walk uphill for 20mn!

There's no point in exhausting myself running uphill when I can just about manage to run 1mn on the flat at the moment... At least, by walking longer, I give myself a better chance of actually completing all 8 runs!

It all balances out :)

Dry-ish weather today, but the wind, OMG the wind!

Still wearing the fleecy hat and gloves, but decided to go with just a thermal layer and weatherproof top.

I'll definitely keep listening to the Woman's Hour podcasts with the Crank Round Timer app on my iPod. It keeps my mind focused and the buzzer goes on and off without me wondering "how much longer?" till the end of the run...

Feeling positive.

I have decided to go out every day, either for a walk or a run. Gotta crank it up!

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Great to hear you so positive and well done.


Thanks Ruff :)

I needed a kick up the backside and I got it!

The short-term aim is to go beyond W2R2, which is when the snow and ice made it impossible for me to keep going when I started the program first-time round.

Being realistic, I have some doubt I'll be able to go straight to W2 without having to repeat W1.

I'm seriously unfit and overweight, and I've sat on my backside too long! ;))


For what my comments are worth, I personally feel the most important factor is what you stated, "I have decided to go out every day, either for a walk or a run".

I had a lousy non-existant W1 R3 today BUT now I have climbed back in my "pram", the most important factor is to still do some sort of gentle exercise, so for me it will be walking.

Hey, you haven't gone to seed yet. ;)


Sounds like you are planning for success! I don't think it matters a jot that you made sure you got yourself to somewhere you had the best chance of being able to complete the session. Hills can come later.

I walk on my 'rest' (ie non-running) days and find it helpful - but the evidence of the blogs seems to be that it is a big mistake not to have a day's rest from running.


ha. i wouldn't dream of doing this anywhere but on the flat. i am far too unfit for that and i wouldn't want to stop before i start. the first run was around an unused bowles court nearby and the second one along the canal!! :D

well done on the second run :D


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