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A new gadget!


Peta Bee, writing in the Health section of TIMES on Tuesday , March 2nd, in an article entitled 'Would you use this gadget (it's £100 a month !) to change your diet' has identified a new device that can be implanted partly under your skin to carry out continuous blood glucose monitoring. Originally developed to track the blood sugar of diabetics, it is now being pitched as a performance enhancer for anyone trying to improve their fitness.

Chronically elevated blood sugar is unhealthy ( diabetes, heart disease, etc) yet blood sugar levels vary wildly during the day, causing huge swings in energy levels that cause slumps that limit performance, and set off snack attacks. Consistently High levels of blood sugar the can undermine aerobic exercise, with treadmill tests showing that young people with the worst blood glucose control also had the lowest levels of endurance.

The device she looked she tried out was the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor connects to an app called Supersapiens. The app is free but the sensors that stick in your arm are £112-138 for two.

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Looks interesting! Did you get it? I am considering it

No - my blood sugar is ok, I walk about 5 miles everyday and I am within my BMI, and I keep track of my blood tests on an annual basis, so I don't really need it, but it is tempting.

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