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Running with my new friend

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Today I went out with my new friend Garmin and I have to say that I thought Laura dragged out the minutes but no...Garmin can too! She also seems to measure distance differently to the app I had on my phone (obviously not in my favour)!!

A better day today, did 32 minutes (going to up time slowly!!) but only covered 3.96km. Hopefully, will do further next time. :)

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I don't use a Garmin often, I use Nike+ but I've run with my husband's Garmin once or twice and it measures things differently, but I do like the nice graphs you get :)

Well done on your 32 mins :)

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AliB1Graduate in reply to Minuette

haven't done graphs or anything! that sounds a bit too technical. i just record the distance and time on a spreadsheet (thats geeky enough for me)

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oh your new friend is mean!! Lol what a tough task master!

I'm off to pick up my new friend today and take her out with Jen this afternoon...

Result later :)

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AliB1Graduate in reply to Bxster

Hope you like your friend once you've met her!!! Although she's tough I can measure progress more accurately & often as not faffing with the phone.

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BxsterGraduate in reply to AliB1

I'm not able to meet her yet... Messed up... She's not due to arrive until Tue 3 Apr :(

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These gps thingies can be right meanies - they can also be hugely amusing!!! I use cardiotrainer on my phone (mainly for my walks as I tend to run on the treadmill) and there was one walk (I live in Essex near the sea), where I got the phone out of my pocket at the end of my walk (its a 6k circuit) and was shocked to see that I had done 22k - even more shocked to see that my walk seemed to be mainly located about 100 miles off the coast of Aberdeen.... who knew... ;-) Quite how we know how far we've gone I don't know.... but I think I'd trust a Garmin far more than a phone :-)

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AliB1Graduate in reply to AmandaW

were you walking on water???

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AmandaWGraduate in reply to AliB1

ha ha, yep, still not quite sure how I managed to go about 600 miles north and a hundred miles east and back in 50 mins though ;-) Skills!

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AliB1Graduate in reply to AmandaW

Am's not c25k but c2600miles!

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Gadgets eh.. were you tempted to ditch her lol?? thats what i would probably do!! dotn have anyhting yet to measure my distance (hoping on a smart phone for my birthday tho!!) I've driven my route and measured using the milometer (and then converted that to km)

But the garmin sounds like a great gadget..

hope you and her form a bond soon AliB :)

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AliB1Graduate in reply to scavo

i'm liking her so far even though she is tough. who knows she may become my bff!!

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I'm so jealous of your new friend! (Even if she is a bit of a taskmaster, and an expensive taskmaster at that).

And at least you can't accidently switch her off like I do with my Endomondo app, which always seems to happen when I've run my best 5km time ever and then have no record of it....gggrrr....

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AliB1Graduate in reply to ribena-berry

That's why I got one., kept going wrong with Endomondo and such a faff to press start after the warm up...get it out of the pocket, unlock the phone, press start, put back in the little button is soooo much easier.

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with map my run you can set it up that it only starts measuing 5 minutes into your workout! so you can still do your 5 min walk and then the phone vibrates to tell you to start running ( free), can also then edit the run online if you feel it has not correctly measured it.

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