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How do you carry your gadgets?

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Hi there, I’ve been running for around a year and use my smart phone to listen to music and to record my runs but I can’t find a comfortable way to carry it. I’ve tried a number of those arm band straps but these make using the phone practically impossible (I once lost my Strava data when I inadvertently hit the wrong button because the phone was wedged in the case 🙈). Iso I’ve just been holding my phone in my hand but it’s not ideal. I recently spotted another runner wearing a waist belt which looked much better. When I googled I was a bit bamboozled by the choices and wondered if anybody could recommend anything? I have toyed with the idea of getting some sort of watch to record runs but would still need to carry my phone to listen to music. I just wondered how everybody else sets themselves up. Any tips or recommendations greatly appreciated 😊 many thanks for your time. Jo

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The popular brand of running belt is FlipBelt - you'll find this on Amazon for about £20 but there are plenty of similar, non-branded running belts. You want something quite snug so that whatever you have in the pocket doesn't bounce up and down, and ideally 2 pockets so that you can have your phone in one and keys etc in another (prevent scratches on your phone). Also, before you buy make ask a question to make sure that your make/model/size of phone will fit.

My setup is iPhone6 playing podcasts to MPOW Magneto in-ear bluetooth headphones, Garmin Forerunner 235 running watch for time/distance/pace/heart-rate and either a non-branded belt like the FlipBelt or the back pocket of my running tights (depends what I'm wearing). The belt is very similar to this:

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JoOnTheRunGraduate in reply to MarkyD

This is all really helpful advice - thanks so much for taking the time to reply 👍🏼

I use a cheapo running belt from Sports Direct It's good if you need to carry drinks too, or you can take the bottles out if not needed. You can get much more streamlined ones though - I think it's worth going to a shop to try them on rather than ordering online.

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JoOnTheRunGraduate in reply to MutleyShuffle

This is really good to know, thanks for replying 👍🏼

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Flip belt is what I use in the warmer weather. At this time of year I have a running jacket with a zip pocket that has a media outlet.😊

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JoOnTheRunGraduate in reply to Jell6

I hadn’t even considered a jacket - thank you for taking the time to reply 😊

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I run in 3/4 pants and I buy ones with pockets and they are always deep enough for my phone not to fall out. Hope this helps😊

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JoOnTheRunGraduate in reply to Buddy34

I never knew you could get pockets in them - thanks for the tip, will be heading to the shops this weekend 👍🏼

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I just bought an armband from £ shop and use wireless headphones. The 1 I’ve got has a tiny pocket for my key and I slide my bank card behind my phone just in case I want anything while I’m out. First few times I tried putting it on my arm under my hoodie but was a bit faffy trying to change tracks so I put it on top now. I like the idea of a belt but I couldn’t decide which to go for. The armband works for me so I’m sticking to it for now.

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JoOnTheRunGraduate in reply to Rainbow2019

I struggled with my arm bands but I think if you can make it work they are great 👍🏼

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I have a freetoo running belt from Amazon. It cost about £7, has 2 pockets (I can fit in phone, keys & tissues) and it is super comfy because the belt section is robust broad elastic instead of webbing, but has the usual size adjustability and clip fastnener that you would find on a bum bag/ cycle waist pack. I use the belt whenever I don’t need a jacket. ( My jacket has a convenient pocket.) 😀

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JoOnTheRunGraduate in reply to Elfe5

Thank you for replying , I’ll take a look online 👍🏼

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I use a Karrimor running belt which fits my keys, iphone and also use a cheap Garmin 10 watch which was purchased from Ebay...think I may purchase some wireless headphones next 🎧

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JoOnTheRunGraduate in reply to RunRunRun13

Thank you, this is helpful to hear 👍🏼

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I also use the Karrimor belt from Sports Direct. They do some that hold water bottles and some that don’t; I have the latter. I can fit my iPhone SE and my keys in it, although it is a bit of a snug fit. But it does the job and is comfortable to wear.

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JoOnTheRunGraduate in reply to Nicky_F

This is really helpful, thank you 👍🏼

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Great post! I currently wear a light fleece and pop the phone in my pocket but I was wondering what to use when it's warmer!

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JoOnTheRunGraduate in reply to Bookbizlady

There’s some good advice here, thanks for replying 😊

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