New month - new lease of life! :)

I have posted sporadically on here since graduating in January as life has got in the way - it has also got in the way of running. I have also struggled with running since graduating, seemingly unable to run the 30 minutes I could when I graduated and sometimes just not having the energy to go out for a walk. But routine bloodtests at the beginning of April showed that I had lowish iron and B12 and my folic acid levels were through the floor and the doc immediately put me on multiple tablets to try and boost my levels - when she listed the symptoms they all fitted, particularly the lack of energy (which I just put it down to things being really hectic at school with numerous rehearsals and concerts!)!

Nearly a month later and I'm finally beginning to feel back to my normal self. And this morning I woke up, looked out at the weather and decided it wasn't a gardening day, but thought, I know - I'll go for a run!!

So I did! :) Went back to week 6 run 2 - 10 mins x 2 with a 3 min walk inbetween. It wasn't "easy", but it was doable. Came back home with a real grin on my face!! :D

Here's hoping that this is the start of getting back out there regularly - and maybe even heading towards a Parkrun in a month or so?!


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11 Replies

  • Well done, a terrific run!

    You are back to being a runner🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻

  • I hope so!! :)

  • Good news that you now know what was causing the problem. Here's to that new found energy and getting back to your running!🙂

  • Yes - it was good to know that there was actually a reason for it! Fingers crossed the energy continues!

  • Brilliant and that is so good that your GP picked that up as it can leave you feeling so energyless... and yes a parkrun sounds a great idea 😎

  • I registered for parkrun back at Christmas, but haven't had many free Saturdays since, and none when I have felt able to walk that far, let alone run!!

  • I work in a school and timing is important! I've just started and if it wasn't for the Easter break, there is no way I would have completed day one! Good luck!

  • Thank you :)

    I originally started back at October half term for exactly that reason! Illness during December meant I didn't graduate until January, and other viruses plus the lack of energy since have meant that I haven't run regularly or for any decent length (time or distance!) for some time - hence the new lease of life! I'm hoping it won't take long before I'm back to running for 30 minutes!

  • I know how you feel CookieM & Northcountrygirl, I work in a school too & also have low B12 levels. I also started in Feb half term & just graduated. It's hard fitting in the runs sometimes so I planned them into my week which sometimes meant longer gaps between runs but I somehow managed it! Keep going & even if you feel tired in the evening still try & get out, it's a great way to get rid of the day's stress! Good luck!!

  • Well done cookie, your not far from me, so maybe see you at one of the Parkruns..😊

  • Maybe - I'll let you know when I finally get a free Saturday (and feel ready again!) :)

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