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What gadgets / apps would you recommend?

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I'm feeling like a gadget based reward coming on. So far I've used a basic MP3 player and my mobile phone is such a joke it doesn't even come into the frame. I'm thinking of getting a 'nice' smart phone, probably android but I'm not sure.

Here's my wish list;

- Access to my own music

- A bit of Laura, I love her and need her in my life.

- Tracking would be nice, I do like a bit of graphed up data.

- No heart rate monitoring because I know I'd convince myself I'm about to die and give up.

The garmin looks great but I couldn't stretch to two big gadgets and I do need a new camera.

Please let me know what gadgets and apps you use and why you like them.

Many thanks Ruby.

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philipb profile image

I use iphone 5 and it does everything I want it to do android as far as know will do the same

I use zen labs c25k app and play my own music /podcasts or audiobook I track my runs with nike+ app and a sensor in my shoe which then gives me all my stats and progress graphs then I also use polar hm which also gives you progress graphs

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RubySlippersGraduate in reply to philipb

Whohow, I've just had an excited shudder at the sensor in the shoe, very James Bond, I'm loving it! It seems that there is a whole world of apps out there beyond Laura. thank you soon much, I'm looking all of those up. :-)

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Hi Rubyslippers. I used MapMyRun solely until Christmas when my husband got me a nike plus watch. I still use MapMyRun at times, I just got frustrated with it when the same route would come in at very varying distances at times! The nike watch gps seems very good. However, in terms of graphs & data, MapMyRun is pretty good & kept me going as I like to look at how I'm progressing.

I tried putting my own playlist together after graduating but am still not happy with the tracks I chose. I just picked songs I like that I thought were pretty upbeat but when I tried it out it wasn't great. As I don't like running in the dark with headphones in I've given up on music this winter & enjoyed the peace & have been surprised how it's been ok setting my own pace.

Sorry, a lot of waffle and not much content, but have a look at MMR & see what you think.

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RubySlippersGraduate in reply to Jenster

Don't apologise for waffle, I'm finding it very helpful.

The Nike watch sounds good, I'll look into that. MMR is good, I like the way even if I've done rubbish I can find a graph that makes it all look better. Haha.

I've been afraid of running without noise and distraction as I think my own wheezing and heavy plodding might kill my spirit. Maybe it's time I gave it a try. Thanks for your reply.

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Matthew88Graduate in reply to Jenster

have you ever looked at jog.fm? They show you the music with bpm and suggest songs based on your time per km/mile. There is also a bpm counter by abyssmedia that you can download to your computer and it will count the bpm of the mp3's on your pc.

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RubySlippersGraduate in reply to Matthew88

Yes I liked the look of JogFM, there are some great playlists already there which is good to stretch your musical horizons. I'll have a look at abyssmedia. Many thanks.

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JensterGraduate in reply to Matthew88

Thanks for that. Will have a look as would be nice to get some musi in again now the lighter nights are on the way :-)

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map my run is great and is free ,it gives speed and dist and is what i started with before i got my garmin watch these are great

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RubySlippersGraduate in reply to moger

Hmmm, I know the garmin looks fab. I'm feeling very torn. Thank you. :-)

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I used MMR for ages, but couldn't work out how to configure it to give me timechecks, so I switched to Runkeeper - which is also free, but has a few more options in the app. I now prefer the runkeeper app, though I think the MMR website is better.

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RubySlippersGraduate in reply to ajwyld

Thanks ajwyld I'll have a look at Runkeeper too.

OldNed profile image

You might want to have a look at Endomondo too. I used to use MapMyRun but found it very inaccurate. I find Endomondo more accurate and she (Dolores Endomondo!) talks to me too.

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Um.. I found it inaccurate too ON. My Garmin has been brilliant and got mine on Ebay for a very reasonable price. I did a Parkrun on Saturday and pressed the Garmin at the same time and yes the results correlated. The only problem I'm having with it, it keeps telling me how many calories I am losing with each run. Yesterday's 8k was 615 calories??? Time for a Mars bar!! LOL :)

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RubySlippersGraduate in reply to carole01

I like your style Carole, you made me laugh. Well done on the 8k, I think it deserves more than a Mars bar. :-)

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I have been using the mapmy... series of apps for runs, walks and dog walking.

It does seem to give different distances for the same route but it is free and I've found it a great help for building up the distance of the runs as the c25k has progressed.

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RubySlippersGraduate in reply to Matthew88

Thanks Matthew, do you think it is accurate enough to measure 5k? Is there that mush variance?

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Matthew88Graduate in reply to RubySlippers

Sometimes it can vary up to about 200m. At the moment the precise distance is not that important. I'm only on week 8 but I mainly use it to see how I can vary the routes to keep it interesting. I'm going to try endomondo tomorrow so I'll see what the difference is. I'll use the same route yesterday.

I've enjoyed using it to see where other people near me have gone. If there are different routes of a similar distance it's been interesting trying them out so I'm not going to over do it.

For a free app its well worth a go.

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Im finding MMR inaccurate too, but I like the charts and things! I think it's near enough for what I need at the moment, but I've got a birthday coming up and thinking of treating myself. When you're talking about Garmins, do you mean the watches? If so, is the forerunner one good? that's the cheapest and simplest I think. I'm not fussed about calories burnt etc, more how far and fast I've run.

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RubySlippersGraduate in reply to Becktoria

Yes it was the watches, the forerunner looks fantastic, but I'd have to be a good girl and wait. I'm like you Becktoria focusing in on the running bit rather than broader health. Thanks.

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carole01Graduate in reply to Becktoria

Hi - This is the one I use and not being a gadget person - It's easy!!


For you too RS x

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I just use my iPhone - don't use Laura any more but make up playlists that will get me through each run. I run on a treadmill and I photograph the summary that comes up on the screen at the end so I can track my progress. My friend uses an app called Map my Run that she likes.

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Very many thanks to everyone for sharing your tips and ideas. I'll have fun looking into them all a bit further. Thanks again. Ruby x :-)

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