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nervous newbie does her first run-W1R1


Well well well...I finally did it. After years of hiding in the shadows and putting this off I did a mixture of feelings really. No one every tells you when younger and generally fit that when you become unfit your lungs will burn and feel like your about to pass out every 60 seconds into a run, trust me if they did i might not have slid to this place.

I started out great, positive and somewhat happy. Getting out the door was the biggest fear, but once I was out, I forgot that fear. several intervals in and I really wanted to give up, go home and just have something to eat. but I didn't. I paused the app, walked a little until I felt I could see properly and then pressed play again when I felt I could go. Had to do this a lot but not giving up was the biggest hurdle for me.

And while I feel a humongous amount of pride that I got out a completed the whole thing and didn't just jack it in and go home, I feel deflated that I paused the app a lot and could only manage to run a full 60 seconds a few times out of 7.

is this normal?

am I being too hard on myself? lets face it, im 27, drink occasionally and don't smoke, surly I should be able to run 60 x7 and not stop in each one?

I refuse to end this on a negative note because I just ran today and that makes me so proud of myself but please tell me ill get the breathing thing down and won't keep stopping...

well don to anyone else that starts day 1 today, I'm with you, I feel your pain and we can do this, for anyone that is a pro at are my inspiration !

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We done 🌟🌟🌟

Sorry that was supposed to say Well Done!

Well done for getting out there and completing your first run! We all need to find our pace. If you struggled today, take it slower next time. You should be able to have a short conversation during the running intervals without gasping for air. If you can't, slow down, even if you think it's not physically possible - a lot of us have learned that it's always possible to slow down a bit more 🐌 as the weeks progress, you'll be fitter and stronger and you'll keep surprising yourself 💪 best of luck with the rest of your C25K journey! 👣👣

We’ve all been there I can assure you, the main thing is to take it nice and slow and if it seems that your lungs are burning, then you’re probably going too fast. Go a real slow jogging pace - that should help, and then if you don’t manage all the intervals, no sweat. Just try and do a little bit more next time out, the C25K is a guide and if you’re not quite up to the level for W1 R1, then just take it a bit slower, it’s surprising how in week 2 or 3 you will look back at W1 and wonder why you found it so hard.

Honestly we all do and it's quite common to start out with lots of adrenaline and think you can go at speed, whereas the main thing you’re trying to do is to build stamina. Think tortoise and not hare..., it’s the same rule for marathons believe it or not start slow, and stay slow. In time your stamina and lung capacity will improve and it will permit you to do more.

Most of us think we can run for one minute, but it’s not that easy after a period away from any exercise. But well done you, the biggest thing is starting out. That first step was one of the best things you could do.

Well done and good luck!

And this may help too...


Brilliant well done for sticking with it 😀 I am on wk 4 and found wk1 truly the hardest both mentally and physically. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and jogging slowly and you will probably find that as your body adjusts to it it will get easier. I did 5 mins this week non stop yet really struggled with 90 seconds in wk 1 so believe me it's worth keeping at it. This video helped me a lot too and now I am actually enjoying it though I cant believe I'm saying that lol


Yes, all the above! We've all been there, week 1 is hard! Slow and steady does it. I'm 65 just did w9r1 this morning, 30 mins! As they say ... If I can do it, anyone can!😊


You're doing everything right, well done for starting! I was in the exact same place as you and I'm five years younger. I remember on my first week sitting on the curb and ringing my boyfriend almost in tears because I couldn't do it. The key is to run at almost walking pace, very slow but it will get easier!! I ran my first 5k at the weekend in 42 minutes and when I got home I kept saying "remember when I could run for one minute?!". You will get there, don't give up, you should be proud of yourself ☺️


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on pacing, minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Slow down so that you can talk as you run........this is not sprinting.

Enjoy your journey.


Well done for carrying on and completing it!!! Yes, you are being too hard on yourself- take it slowly and do what you can do. The best thing about today’s run is that it will act as a reminder of your progress later on - because you will get fitter and you will learn all the strategies to get through each run.

If you have Netflix, check out Britney Runs a Marathon - it’s a bit of a chick flick, but the start of her running journey is very relatable!


Well done for getting out there and not giving up. Stick with the programme- it works - slow and steady does it. Keep on going - you can do this 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️👍


Welcome 😊


I graduated today. I'm 47, pretty overweight, and I don't do any exercise ever (not since school really) and I did it. The app is very clever. And what everyone else says is right- go slower. You might think you can't go slower but you can. If you go as slow as you possibly can you will build up your stamina and, more importantly, your confidence as you go through the weeks. Trust the programme. You can always go a bit faster nearer the end if your legs have it in them.... but not until week three!! :-) Well done for getting out there. Tell us how you get on. xxx

Thank you all for your kind words, encouragement and positivity.

really going to try the run again today however legs feel a little sore so think I shall be good and actually rest and stretch but to avoid loosing my mojo im thinking a light cycle and some other small work out of some sort like abs or core. I'm scared if I don't do something I won't get myself back out of the door again tomorrow.

I'm back at work tomorrow so will be attempting this all again after a 15 hour day so will have to dig deep and push myself but will defiantly try to do the run slower and take all your advice on board.

Thanks for reads guys and gals, will check in tomorrow once I've done it all again now Wednesday.

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