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My first blog and first run. W1R1


Firstly, hello to everyone on this challenge. I am Allie and I'm a rookie runner.

Well, today was Run 1 and I was pleasantly surprised.

The programme was easy to follow and the music OK.

I am doing the first few weeks on the treadmill and my only gripe today was down to operator error (me!) the treadmill has "sliders" for increasing/ decreasing speed and my finger accidentally slid to run at 14.5km! I panicked and hit the stop button!

So, my first run was split into 2, separated by about a minute. I still did all 8 run intervals though and found it motivating when I was told only 2 more runs to go; it made me think that actually, it was manageable.

Day of rest tomorrow; well, I will be at the gym but doing weights alone, no running.

Very glad to say " I did it; I started running" my poor ankle aches like Hell, but I feel like I've started something good :)

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Well done and welcome! :-)

I hadnt run for 35 years till last December when I started this and it is just amazing!

Good luck!

Hey well done! You'll be doing it in one go by the end of the week easily - the first week was definately the period for me in which I saw the most improvement. I went from nearly giving up halfway through the first run to finding 60-second runs easy! Keep going, and don't mitch runs - breaking the habit makes it incredibly difficult to get back in, I find. Either way, well done and good luck!


Well done and welcome to the programme.

I was trying interval training on the treadmill yesterday and was using 14.5k/h as my fast bit and finding it quite tough!

Hi Allie, well done and welcome to C25K. I started it last tue and done W2R1 this evening and had no problems. I started this plan about 15 months ago so this is second time around. You will find yourself wondering why you are doing it but stick with it, it definitely gets better!


hiya Alliecat71 - well done you on getting started!! hope your ankle gets better ready for your next run.

definitely remember to have a "rest" day between runs, but a lot of people do another activity in between.

keep on blogging your progress and keep on running!


Thanks all. This is a really great site and very encouraging.

The ankle aches are par for the course; double fracture, pins, then removal (2 years ago) mean it will always ache. 3 stone overweight doesn't help either! But am hoping with time and weight loss, the aches may lessen.

Does anyone else do this on treadmill or are you all seasoned road runners ?

My first run I did brisk walk at 6.5km the. My 60 second run intervals at 8.5km, all on flat, no incline.

Allie x

I'm only one run ahead of you. I'm middle aged, overweight, asthmatic, epileptic and horribly unfit. I'm running on the road, mainly because it's free but also because I can't stand gyms.

We can do this!

We can! And well done on run number 2!! X


Well done Allie the first run is the hardest! You'll soon be like the rest of us - addicted and with no idea how it happened! Have fun. :-)


Well done! Keep it up!

Well done Allie.

It's fantastic that you've started. Everyone on here is so supportive and helpful. We're all at different stages and doing it in whatever way works best for us. I'm about to start week 3 tomorrow. I'm road running because I don't go to gyms and as earl-grey-sian said it's free.

Keep up the good work.


Well done. Like many on here I had not run for a very long time, probably 35 years in truth except the odd sprint for the last tube of the night, and here I am about to do the Wk9 R3. I'd echo the comment by RuthHardy - try not to skip running days as its easy then to let one extra rest day extend into 2 or 3 rest days. A friend and I started together and too often she found reasons not to run and now she is only half way through and wondering if its worth continuing. Keep at it, and yep we all get pains and aches for various good reasons - you have the right approach, work through it. And 3 stone overweight is not unusual for many of us in the beginning - I have already lost almost 20kg on this program and it would have been more had I knocked the twix habit on the head:-)

Alliecat71 in reply to chusan51

Thanks chusan51... because I'm aiming to lose weight and tone up as well I'll be going to the gym to do weights, but absolutely no running on my rest days :)

Its good to hear you've lost weight on this programme as well as achieving your runs .

Well done Allie.

You've now done the hardest bit, just starting!!

You will be surprised how quickly you progress. Once the body has got used to the shock you will not great what you are doing.

Keep us all post how the rest of Week 1 goes, and once again well done!!

Thanks :) - its definitely a shock !

Thanks all !

I've done nothing but promote the C25K to my colleagues at work today, will get them all on the bandwagon soon :) x

Well done you! I am doing it on the treadmill too! I have tried it outside, but I was too self-conscious. Personally I aim to do it on the treadmill until I am able to run for the full 30 minutes and then switch to outside, even if if means going back a few weeks the podcasts. I did find it slightly harder outside - uneven pavements, recycling bins to dodge, dog poo, people - and I just want to focus on running and building my fitness first.

Well done and good luck!


Well done on starting! As for the treadmill story, it took me a while to figure out why 5.5 kph felt so fast at a hotel gym last week ... this particular treadmill was in mph so I was trying to run way too fast to keep up! One to watch out for! Do give outside a try when you are ready ... it is amazing what you see and hear that you might never have noticed before.

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