First ever run....killed me

just been out for the first run of week 1! pissing down with rain but thought its now or never. I read about this program yesterday after looking at ways to get fit that don't involve a gym because I need to exercise and lose weight (GP advice) thought when reading it hhmmm sounds ok...turns out 60 seconds is a hell of a long time and I only managed to run for 2 of those...the rest I could only manage 20 seconds. Still it's a start and even sat here red faced and wet through with muddy trainers I feel proud of myself for giving it a go! here's hoping I get through more 60 second runs on Saturday.

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  • Excellent job starting W1R1, everyone remembers their first run, believe me. The program will ease you into running even if it doesn't seem that way. On your next run, try going a little slower, slow and steady is fine and it gets you through to the end of each run, you can work on speed and distance as your fitness and stamina levels increase.

    Stick with the program and I can guarantee you will do things that you never thought you could do.

    Remember to post updates on here, the people on here are very friendly and are full of great advice and tons of motivation.

  • thank you Lee, that's great advice. I think part of the problem was trying to keep up with the hubby who seemed to do it with ease! I will start a slower jog on Saturday and hopefully get through more than 2 bouts!

  • Everyone goes at a different speed, unless your hubby is a lot fitter he will struggle to complete later runs, don't treat it as a race.

    Have you ever seen Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood? There's a scene in there where he takes a bunch of US Marine Recon soldiers out for a run, at one point they sprint off past him and tire themselves out very quickly, good old Clint just sedately jogs on, passes them and keeps going.

    Take a look here:

  • Will do thankyou! definitely going to go slower next time and I won't move onto week 2 until I'm happy I've successfully completed week 1. I'm not fussed about completing it in 9 weeks...just aiming to complete it.

  • Do it alone!! Unless you go with people who are happy to go at your pace...I was lucky the few times I had company they went at my snails pace l! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  • You've done the hardest part've got off the sofa & done run can only get easier from here...keep going, you can do this!!

  • That start is important - I know that it really does work and if you stick with it, and take your time, you will get there. It doesn't have to be in just nine weeks - and don't try to compete against your husband - men are nasty competitive buggers. Leave him to his own devices and stick with Laura....

  • Reading your won't be doing run 2 then......... but no, you are not a voice from the dead but just a new runner with a taste for hyperbole.

    Well done.

    Don't try to keep up with anyone but yourself. Do it at your own pace, likewise hubby. The challenge is to find a pace that you can maintain. If you can't breathe you are going too fast.

    Repeat any run that you don't complete. You will see real progress in just a few sessions. In a few weeks time you will be able to run for thirty minutes non stop.

    Runners need to be calm and focused, so, er............less drama please.

    Enjoy the journey.

  • haha yes slightly dramatic though I did feel like i was about to keel over at the half way mark and was shocked i couldn't run for 60 seconds. i have realised I need to do this at my own pace. Thanks for the tips!

  • Well done :) I always remember doing week one run one with my sister and driving home from hers feeling delirious!

    Now ......! Well I still feel delirious but I'm on week 3 lol

  • Well done for starting, it's a great program, just stick to it & as everyone will tell you, slow & steady!

    Keep posting, good & bad runs (because we all have them) the support on here is amazing & we're virtually behind you all the way to the finish line.

    Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Well done for getting out in the rain for first time...keep with it and keep telling us all how itโ€™s going!!

  • But you're not dead unless your name is a mis-spelt version of zombie.....

    I think most of us would say not to run with someone more experienced than you, as it can cause you to try and meet a pace that's hard.

    But you had a go, so well done you and you're only a few seconds away. Brilliantly done

  • yeah agreed. we run on a disused railway line so long and straight... hubby is going to download the app on to his phone and we can start off the warm up together and then he can go on ahead at his pace and I can continue at mine!

  • Sensible idea....., really there's nothing more dispiriting than being outrun by someone....

  • haha especially when I'm always saying im fitter than him.๐Ÿ˜‚

  • I just back from my second run of week 1 but going to start that as my first because I managed to complete all 8 runs!! Thanks to your advice and tips, the key things that got me through were slowing down and then slowing down a bit more! not competing with hubby, switching from the app to the podcasts that include music and consciously managing my breathing. Feel great!

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