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First Ever Run

Did my first run and I feel great!

Must say it was tough going, in the sense that I had to walk over a mile to the park before even starting the course and a mile back afterwards! Not only but it's really hot over here in Italy and 8.30 am was probably a bit too late in the day for jogging, but I did it!

I stupidly ran uphill for the last 60 seconds making me feel nauseous, but I did it!

Every inch of my body is tingling. Looking forward to Week 1 Run 2 on Wednesday.


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Welcome to the world or c25k. and congratulations for making the first step and doing run one. Onwards and upward from here


Well done, Delia! You've done the first step. Keep going and don't get discouraged. :)


Well done for getting started. Hope you keep in touch via this blog, people here are so supportive and you guarantee whatever highs or lows you share here, someone will know how you feel and can help if you need it. Lucky you, living in Italy! good luck with your next run.


Well done! I started last week like you felt so invigorated after my first run. Go for it!


Well done! I started today too, with limited success, but enjoyed it! Keep going! :)


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