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Week 6 Run 1

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Having run for 20 mins last week I think my legs ached more on the last 5 minutes of this run! Didn’t think I’d ever say it but I think the longer runs are better in the legs which is madness. Still amazing myself that my body has adjusted to running from being totally inactive 6 weeks ago. Bring on run 2 on Thursday. Good luck to everyone whatever run your on.

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Well done! I'm doing the same tonight! I'm looking forward to the 25 minute run at the end of Wk6 😀 I still can't believe I ran for 20 minutes last week, but the feeling of achievement and pride is such a driving force, isn't it! Enjoy the rest of your day in the knowledge that you are well on the way to getting to the graduation run 😀😀😀

Week 6 is definitely a surprise but apparently there to help build you up

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I found the same. Keep going. You can do it 😃

Wow, you're up and out early. Just about to get myself ready for my WK6 R1 so thanks for tip about legs, I'll let you know how mine goes. I too am amazed at being able to run (I still hope no-one I know sees me as I am still a dumpling and very red faced by the end of it) but still love it and even though it's cold out I can't wait to go.

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SnodiGraduate in reply to Neverrunbefore64

Oh, I'm a red-faced beacon by the end, too! Glad to hear it's not just me! 😂

I've got my W6r1 today ... I've only got a tiny brain, so for me it's easier to run, run, run than walk, run, walk, run, walk, run ... :D

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Thats the attitude, keep positive.

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