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Week 7 complete. That was quite a tough week, if felt a bit relentless. Tonight is the least motivated I've felt to go for a run. But I did it and actually it was the best run of the week! Found it surprisingly easy considering I felt like I had no energy before going. The app is obviously doing what it's supposed to. Roll on week 8!

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Well done on your run Sarah2706 you are smashing this running game 👏👏👏👏👏👍

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to pete1212

Thank you 😊

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pete1212Graduate in reply to Sarah2706

All down hill from here on 6 more runs and you done it’s a amazing feeling and a brilliant achievement happy Running keep safe 👍

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Well done ,I finished the same run earlier as well

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to Hidden

Well done. I'm choosing either early morning or early evening at the minute as it's been so warm. Don't know why I've had such little energy this week.

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Hidden in reply to Sarah2706

Yes I was out at 830 this morning ,not going out in the heat to run .the coming week seems to cooling down so all good for week 8

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Well done on your run Sarah. It is surprising how a run that we think we are not up for when we set out, turns out to be one of the best runs. You're nearly there!

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Fantastic news, Sarah2706. That means you will always know if you are feeling down and don't want to run...it will change the way you feel. Well done. 😎👍

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to Nilsam

Yes you're absolutely right, its definitely good to keep in mind

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NilsamGraduate in reply to Sarah2706

Happy running 👍🤸‍♀️

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Well done Sarah trust the app just like you've done so far it'll take you all the way to your badge 👍🙂

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Great that you got through this run, even though you weren’t that motivated initially.

Well done, and keep up the great work 👍

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Well done. The trick now is to remember that experience the next time you don't feel like going out. 👍

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to Speedy60

Yes definitely a good lesson 😊

Well done! I went out feeling motivated for this run but actually found it harder going than runs 1&2! Strangely though, did W8 R1 yesterday and could have kept going at the end! I think we just have good days and bad days and have to trust that overall the plan works 😄

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to BeachbodyUnready

I agree. I have noticed if I take the dogs for a good walk first then go straight for a run it's much easier, I guess it loosens you up and get your blood pumping.

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Well done, mind over matter!! I think that feeling exhausted and lethargic is a sign of the times for a lot of us right now - psychological response to the situation, but good to get out and overcome it with physical activity!

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Hi, Congratulations for not giving into your thoughts.

I found W7 a challenge too therefore, I decided W8 would be my challenge R1 I decided - R2 i will get at close to 5k as I could , (I’m 69). It was a great challenge for myself jogging at my own pace.

Then on R3 , I clocked 3 miles ( just short of 5K). Tomorrow W9.... I have already set my intentions- to jog/run 1,2 3 - 5k , all three , no matter what my time is. So , you will love W8 and W9 . You could set you own challenge and pace too. Hope to hear of your success :)

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to Bracken2018

Wow that's fantastic, well done you! I will definitely follow your lesson that 😊

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I’ve just done wk7 2nd run and found it hard but really enjoying exploring my local area.

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I wonder how your week 8 is going? Another week down so well done. You are so near the end!

You are prepared and you have miles in the legs now. Good luck!

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to Hidden

I'm on run 3 of week 8 later today, looks like I won't avoid the rain so I've resigned myself to just getting soaked. On the upside I shouldn't bump into too many people. Found run 2 really hard and it was completely my own fault for putting pressure on myself because there were people about. I rarely see anyone round here, it's a quiet little village but everyone is out currently and for some odd reason I feel the need to up my pace so I don't look so slow. I tell myself I'm runnimg for me and no one else and yet I still do it! 🤷‍♀️

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