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W7R3 - The Best Run So Far...


So after 2 rest days (oops) I got myself to the gym to complete Week 7, Run 3 and it was my favourite run of the programme, which was much needed as I've found it quite hard this week and was starting to doubt myself.

Everything was just perfect, set my treadmill to 8.5 k/h and breezed through 25 minutes whilst catching up on last night's love island! Legs felt amazing and breathing was really steady the whole way, and I wasn't clock watching like I usually do! I also noticed my recovery time post run getting easier, it feels such a long time ago that 5 minutes running was terrifying.

I was actually disappointed when I heard the cool down noise. I was tempted to carry on and hit the 5k as I was on 4.3 before the cool down but decided to trust the programme and stop :)

Week 8 runs 1 and 2 I think will be outside cause I need to get back into that (it's just been far too hot!).. I am debating my local park run for week 8 run 2, then either slow jogging or walking the rest of the 5k, as this week with the cool down I covered about 4.7k so it's very do-able.

Graduation feels so close now!

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Good to hear. I'm now looking forward to the end of week 7 with slightly less trepidation than before reading your post!

Becky1606Graduate in reply to BaddieThePirate

Thanks and glad I made you less concerned haha, when are you planning on running it?

BaddieThePirateGraduate in reply to Becky1606

If all goes to plan should start week 7 this weekend or early next week. Eek! Just run 3 of week 6 to complete.

Awesome job Becky! Week 8 here we come! 😉

Becky1606Graduate in reply to BlondeAmbition72

Yaas blonde! Week 8 and then graduation for us ;)

BlondeAmbition72Graduate in reply to Becky1606

I can’t believe we are so close!! GOOD LUCK!!


Well done!

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay!


Sorry I missed this Becky! But well done! Congratulations! Great stuff! ❤️

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