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W7R3 - Almighty fail!

I ran W7R3 this morning a bit late as I just haven't managed to get out since last Sunday. It was my worst run yet. I managed about 10 minutes then I had to walk. After that I just couldn't get into the right frame of mind, I'd do a short burst of running then have to walk again. I just felt angry and wanted to give up and get back home. I made myself run the last 5 minutes to try to salvage something but it was tough.

I saw a young boy out running and an old man running with weights and a group doing some kind of boot camp as well as a woman my age looking fit and effortless, they all made me feel really inadequate. My earphones kept falling out and I was really thirsty.

I'm annoyed with myself after completing 25 minutes three times in a row fairly comfortably. I'm not sure if I should repeat this run or just move on to week 8.

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We all have bad runs that make us feel exactly as you described. Best thing to do is draw a line under and move on. If I were you I'd move on,you've proved you can do it so give w8 a go.

On a postive note you got up and went out and ran for 10 mins....7 weeks ago you'd have struggled with 1 min so it's not a fail just a bad run!

Good luck with the next one :)


feel for you flowerbox :( maybe you've answered why in part for yourself saying you were really thirsty? As you've managed to get this far I can only imagine your frustration (W4 for me), if I were you I think I'd kick into touch W7R3 by revisiting - just to say "I did it" and move on in a positive frame of mind :) you can do it!


Don't worry about it, just a bad run like AliB1 said. You have already proved you can do it. Don't feel to down and angry about it. Get back up dust yourself off, stand tall and go and do week 8. Your a star, remember that!!! Good luck

Ps wish I could run 25 mins, I'm only on wk 2 run 3. So I can't really comment lol!!! More encouragement really!!!


Once you get to the end of week 6 and there are only long runs ahead, there are bound to be some which are worse than others. I wouldn't worry too much -just move on to week 8. I'm only running twice a week now so it will take me longer to graduate but by then I will have got 10 long runs under my belt (shoes?) and will feel I've earned my badge. :) . Remember to drink next time and tape those earphones in with a piece of micropore and off you go! :)


Don't worry had some bad runs myself after I graduated. Now don't repeat unless you want to.


We all have up days and down days, and you've got so far with the programme...Miles ahead of me! Just remember your success so far and you'll get there. Out of interest, if you really run out of steam during a run, what' s the best thing to do? Keep walking or maybe go back a run, to one you know you can do? New to this so not sure. PS I am hoping this doesn't happen, I do not want to quit.


Thank you so much for posting this. I did w7 r3 yesterday and has to stop running at 24 mins. It was the first time I'd not completed a run and I've been feeling cross about it, although I know I still did 24 minutes! I was wondering whether to repeat or move on too, and I think I'll move on to w8 tomorrow now.

I don't often post here but the value of the support I've taken from this board, and posts like yours particularly, is immeasurable. So thanks again and see you in w8! ?


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