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I feel disappointed with myself today,

I had decided that I was going to run a little further than the app and try and get that 5k

I felt strong and set off at steady pace knowing that I was just going to go that bit further.

Comfy running, not quick, all was good and then cramp in my left bum cheek..

I had to stop after the app, I was gutted and it wasn’t a good look rubbing your butt in the street.

I know I ran for 30 mins and I’m proud of that, I’m just huffy because I didn’t do what I wanted... basically I’m sulking 😂

26 Replies
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Wow 🤩 You did it!!! Bloomin well finished C25K!! So pleased for you. Celebrate 🎉🌟🎉🌟🎉🏃🏼‍♀️🌟🎉🌟🎉

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to Comfortnotspeed

R1 not run 3 sorry not finished just yet x typing without glasses x

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Comfortnotspeed in reply to Sazzles9

Ha ha celebrate anyway. We need it at the moment 😊

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Never mind that you didn’t do the extra you meant to, you did the right run for the programme 👍🏻 Hardly anybody is running 5k by the end - it’s all about the 30 minutes. Nearly graduated now!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to Jazzyrunner

I know, I think I would have happily plodded on to 5k, blooming left bum cheek sabotaged me 😂🏃🏻‍♀️

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JazzyrunnerGraduate in reply to Sazzles9

😂 who’d have thought you’d got such a rebellious bum cheek! 😂

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to Jazzyrunner

You know when some thing is a bit painful but you can’t help but laugh, that 😂😂🍑

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Well done for running for 30 minutes! You are very determined, but trying to get to 5k at this stage - well, that might just not be there yet! Try not to injure yourself before you've finished the programme. Running for 30 minutes is the goal, so running for longer than that might be risky. You wouldn't want to undo all that hard work.

Sorry to nag but most of us only achieve5k somewhere in the consolidation runs after graduation. 🙏 just keep going on those last week 9 runs!

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to Roxdog

I know, I was really enjoying myself today, each km was roughly the same pace, nice and steady!!

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What a bummer! 🍑 😆

Be kind to yourself, just concentrate on getting round. Many athletes run negative splits - that is, they run the first half of their race deliberately slower than their second. So, if you really are determined to up the pace (overrated, in my opinion), start out slowly.

Good luck. I'm looking forward to getting those congratulation emojis out!

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to Speedy60

My splits were all equal, nice steady pace. I don’t run quickly anyway I just thought I would challenge myself a little

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Speedy60Graduate in reply to Sazzles9

Go you 👊

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Annoying to not be able to keep going but maybe your body has sense and thought time to stop

The last week is exciting have fun with it,

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

The cramp came half way round, no idea why just one of those things. X

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Sazzles9

Cramp is horrid, but you have battled through worse to build strength to run for thirty minutes and will get that 5k one day, first time we did 5k it took 52 minutes and we were so proud

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

I work for one of the Olympic teams and all the athletes now follow me on strava, one said to me last week it doesn’t matter how slow you run, it’s that your running. ♥️. I also get constant tips on how to improve and strengthen legs. They run 5k in 15 mins, so I said when park runs are back on they will have finished and waited in the queue to get coffee and cake when I finish 40 minutes later 😂

Ok huffy hole 😂

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You are far safer just sticking to the plan.

We are all capable of doing way more than our bodies are conditioned to do, but not without increasing our injury risk. Sticking to gently progressive training plans is the safest way to push our limits, whilst gently increasing our resistance to injury.

Take care.

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Oh ouch 😏! Cramp in your bum cheek while running is no fun, until after, when you do laugh about having massaged your bottom in public in the middle of wherever you were at the time!

You are doing brilliantly. You did a great run for 30 mins. Let that 5k come naturally because it will. 😊

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Well done on your run Sazzles9 don’t be disappointed you run for 30 minutes awesome 👏 just keep that steady pace drink plenty of water and don’t worry about running 5k in 30 minutes I still haven’t done it yet lol it’s about you enjoy your runs relax when you I used to warm up in the house and use the 5 warm up walk as part of my run in total there’s 10 minutes there for you happy running want be long before you graduate 🎓👍

Well Sazzles you have great ambition and there absolutely nothing wrong with that.....I can imagine with all those athletes around you you’d want to go further run faster....so enjoy you’re sulk and then take it easy as no one wants to see you rubbing your A*** in public 😘... or more importantly getting injured....take care 🤗

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to

Lol, it’s ok now, nothing a hot bath didn’t cure.. I wouldn’t even try to keep up with the athletes, they are mental when it comes to fitness. It’s a good job I can laugh at myself really

Wenderwoo profile image

Oh no, don’t sulk after the graduation run, you’ll spoil it. There’s plenty of time for challenges of all sorts. Just embrace the day tha you completed the plan! Congratulations 😁🍾🥂🎉

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to Wenderwoo

Not graduated yet, two more to go. Last one on Friday, my friend who has been doing this with me and I are going to do it together on Friday. Keeping our distance obviously

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to Sazzles9

Soz, blond moment, I was sure it said W9R3...... perhaps I need glasses, lol 🤓

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Ouch! But you ran for 30 minutes! THREE-OH. That's brilliant! 👏

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