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Took a while to get round to this! Would love to say I sprang round like a gazelle and loved every moment... But it was hard and it dragged (bad music choices, more on that later) I was stiff and felt slow, had to force myself out of bed later than usual but that did mean I could actually see where I was running today! 🀣 Next I was hot, like really hot had to remove my trakie top and run in a t-shirt but was still too hot(couldn't find my lucky running vest) several bursts of light drizzle from the sky's were most welcome and helped to keep me going. Saw a lot of other people, dog walkers and joggers (they all looked so much less in pain than I did 🀣🀣) I figured they would probably appreciate that I was trying as I stumbled past 🀣

90s music (no dance or britpop) is not good for running! There I've said it! I knew the second the backstreet boys started whining in my ear hole that it was gonna be a long slow run and it was.

Determined to run 3.2 miles though I plodded on, my battle with gremlins was more akin to something like WWE Wrestlemania being both long and violent! 🀣 But beat them back with vicious steel chair shots I did! And complete 3.2 miles I did.... And also ran for 30 minutes I did! 😁😁😁

Il upload the numbers for comparison havnt checked them myself yet.

Good luck to all running today I hope it feels easier than mine! If it dosnt though... Just keep on going, you will get there!

Edit! Just checked my strava and did 5k in 29.40 😁😁😁😁 very pleased!

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Not a lover of 90's music either, and yes it was hot today. I went for my first dark run, and running vest and shorts would have been a better choice than what I had onπŸ₯΅. Well done, almost there🀩

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Jericho2332Graduate in reply to Jell6

Isn't that weird on an October morning? 🀣 Thank you!

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Wow - congratulations J - that is an amazing achievement. I'm no where near 5k yet - so I have a huge amount of admiration for the 5k in 30 minutes (and slightly jealous). Now you've smashed that target maybe slow it down slightly next run and enjoy it (and make me feel better too)??

You made me laugh with that Backstreet Boys comment - if you're going to go 90s avoid the cheese and go Britpop - what were you thinking???

I'll try and post my run in a bit but my working day is just about to kick off.

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Jericho2332Graduate in reply to StoneDragon

I actually thought I was slow, I'm not really trying to run any faster, literally just keep going is my aim because my brain was screaming for me to stop and go home for about 75% of the run.

The music was a sort of weird decision made for week 9 being 90s week, standard 90s cheese followed by britpop and finishing with 90s dance bangers for run 3, I strategically got the cheese out of the way 1st, on to the good stuff for next two runs πŸ˜‰

Have a good day at work πŸ‘πŸ»

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Someone took a detour to pee in the pond...

Well done on the 5K.

If I'm going for pace, I've got a police siren on loop in my iTunes and that seems to get the adrenaline going!

There's no wrestler/gremlin in the world 'ard enough to withstand a good ol' wedgie and a bollock-kick from behind. "Apparently" it's not in the spirit of things, but don't worry about all that.

And running past other joggers - yeah, I know what you mean. I've never seen anyone else wheezing, dribbling and swearing into their headphones. They're all dry as a bone and smiling away sadistically. I'm guessing I've never ran past a C25Ker before. Either that, or it's only me.

Good luck on your last 2 runs!

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Jericho2332Graduate in reply to PaulS83

Hahaha the pond bit was the extra to reach the 3.2 miles 🀣🀣🀣 the bit of the run I enjoyed most to be honest. Il try the wedgie/bollock kick combo next time I'm out, screw fair play those blighters deserve it! 🀣

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Well done for hitting the 5K!

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Jericho2332Graduate in reply to Bambi2020

Thanks Bambi 😁

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Aha! Just seen this from you now, too.. 90's tunes schoolboy error!! Oh dear. Backstreet Boys..lol Sounded like this was a bit of a slog but you got it done, well done. And what a pace! Going so fast..I have slowed down as I keep being reminded to by Jo in my ears but..I may pick it up a bit tomorrow on Run 2 (week 8). See how I get on! With your pace in mind as a bit of motive.

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Jericho2332Graduate in reply to Runforurlife

Have to admit I'm tempted to go again in the morning as I've got another day off work... All this lockdown stuff is hammering my paypacket 🀣 lots of free time is the plus side! Working Friday so unlikely to run then as I can't bring myself to run late 🀣 soooo naughty run tomorrow or wait until Saturday morning? πŸ€”

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I know, work is a real pain getting in the way of running now :-) Shouldn't complain really.. Well, I think you need to make the call tomorrow, see how you feel when you get up although my advice would be to wait until Sat morning!!! I've certainly felt the benefit of rest days lately and I'm glad I've not pushed it. You'll feel fresher then and probably have a better run on Sat? (but I know what you mean, thinking about a 'naughty run'!!!!)

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Ok Yoda... well done. I wish I felt like a gazelle frequently, but it's never like that, more a hippo wading through mud. But I did it, and I'm proud regardless. Someday I'm gonna look a gazelle too...

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Jericho2332Graduate in reply to Blondefox

Strong with the force this one is 🀣 try not, do or do not, there is no try... 🀣🀣

Hahaha I think that's all the Yoda I know, just about to head out again for w9r2 will report back soon.

Speed will come the more you run, I'm not trying to run faster it just seems to be happening. I still feel like I'm stumbling along like when I started if I'm honest.

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