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Still a secret (w1r2)

Well, not quite a secret. My daughter's discovered an extra file on her mp3 player and I spilled the beans. But she's sworn to secrecy and me and the dog set off for w1r2 this morning. Lovely woods and field to go through today, but lots of other dog walkers and I found myself heading in the opposite direction in order not to have to stop and chat. Dog had other ideas and dug her heels in the ground to do a poo which I then had to bag and put in my pocket to carry on my run with me. Eeew. Must remember to go for a wee myself before going for these runs ...

Got half way round before stopped by dog walker for a chat - it would have been very rude not to have done. Put Laura on pause and hope it didn't compromise the run too much. Lovely morning for a run though and it helps to be able to put life in perspective. By the time I was on the second to last run my hips were aching and running up a mountain (ok, slight slope) wasn't the best route. Even the dog had her tongue sticking out - I tried it but thought if anyone saw me they'd think I'd gone mental.

As Laura was gently saying it was time for my 5 min cool down walk the dog was determinedly tugging in the direction of the car. She'd had enough and it was only the sunshine and calling encouragement to her that kept us both going. Back home for a drink of water and drop of apple cider vinegar with half a carrot left over from my daughter's lunch box and a spot of decadence - the crusty edge of a homemade carrot cake. Are you sure chocolate doesn't count as part of my 5 a day?

Next challenge - how do I manage a run on Saturday without my husband finding out?

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Maybe you should tell him you want to try running on your own terms. If you keep it up, he'll notice that you look fitter and ask anyway. At least this way, he knows you are open to running, but not committed.

At some point, you'll have to come clean. At least this way, he won't be left wondering about your furtive Saturday escapades.

Who knows, maybe at the end of it all, you can go out for a short run with him. I mean, once you reach the later lessons, you are just running without any 'resting' phases at all; he might be used to running further and for longer, but I'd think any sensible man would just be grateful for the opportunity.

Alternatively, put off the run until Monday and do M-W-F from now on (starting the 'week' on Wednesday) until he notices the difference.


Thanks for this. I'm hoping that, as you say, he'll notice and ask which will be the point I can confess. I suppose I'm concerned that I might not be able to keep up with the challenge and don't want to be seen to fail. Meanwhile, I'm really encouraged by these blogs and want to keep going - I do ache though.


Having just finished w1r2 myself (about 45 minutes ago) I know what you mean about aching.

I am not sure you can really fail. You have managed two runs already, so the worst you need to worry about (barring injury) is repeating a week because you weren't quite ready to move on. No matter how long it takes, you'll get there if you keep going and take it at your own pace.


Not many people know I'm doing this and I run in the woods where I'm less likely to be spotted but the family knows. I think the advantage of telling my husband is that I want to show him, and myself, I can do it. Of course he thinks I'm a raving lunatic but he still supports me in this. If I had not told him maybe I would not have been so committed and also he would wonder why my face is a fetching shade of beetroot three times a week. :) Today he followed along behind on his bike with my gps to see how far I go as I have had no idea what distance I am covering. Let's just say that distance will improve after the 9 weeks.


I am also keeping this venture a secret, my husband and kids know but not the rest of my family. I'm not sure why really I suppose, as you say, I don't want to be seen to fail. Had terrible shin pain this week and mum was asking about it, I had to concoct a story, don't know how long I will get away with it!


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