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Made a start (it's a secret) w1r1


Ok, I've taken the first step. Found the c25k program surfing the web. Husband is a keen runner and I've tried to keep my distance. Running's not for me, small feet and overweight but my ever hopeful husband bought me a pair of good trainers (did the treadmill thing to check they were ok) and they've stayed pristine in my gym bag for a couple of years now. My preferred activity is swimming but we've just got a dog after years of pleading by my daughter and the gym membership had to go to pay for the dog - a dog that needs walks, seems fixed on me as its playmate and wees in the house if it feels anxious. Hmm.

Sneaked the first podcast onto my daughter's mp3 player, clipped the extendable lead on the dog and off we went. Not sure how much ground we would cover in half an hour and raised a few smiles as I ran round in circles at the foot of the nearby hills. I might have been trying to run for 60 seconds but the dog had other ideas. It's even more easily distracted than me and dived into bushes to sniff around at every opportunity. Definitely flagging towards the end - both me and the dog (first time it's walked to heel in a long time - too exhausted to run ahead). Thought I'd timed things right by arriving back home just as the last run ended only to find I needed to walk round in circles for another 5 mins to cool down. Neighbours probably think I'm potty - dog definitely does.

Back inside for the recommended drink but no bananas in the house - as our daughter says "does chocolate count as one of your five a day?". Definitely weak at the knees going up and down stairs at work. Shattered the next day - not sure I'm looking forward to w1r2 tomorrow. Not sure if to let my husband know what I'm up to as he might get his hopes up that I'll join him in his next marathon run. He's the sort who runs 20k before breakfast ... Love him to bits though.

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Well done,we wont tell him! good luck with the plan, plenty of friendly people on here to support you through

Well done, keep at it!!!! Even if you think your going to stop, just keep the faith with Laura

This was me in November. Soon you'll be running with your head held high :)


I too am a secret runner-with-dog (also got running relatives who I find offputtingly obsessive - and a spouse who thinks there is one thing worse than running and that's runners - and a few other reasons besides for just getting on with it quietly). I have just completed my second full W1 run - that's after starting on 1st February - I've stuck at it but I'm only just getting to being able to do all the runs - so the 9 weeks may take me 9 months but who cares?

I enjoyed this morning's session (despite being unsuitably and over dressed - I was in a cardigan, waterproof, dress and walking boots because I don't have trainers or running shoes) because I went to some nice woodland where the dog could be off lead. I am afraid all sense of satisfaction the first time I managed it earlier in the week was dissipated by doing it where the dog needed to be on-lead. Wish I'd been able to photograph her on my very first run though - total "What the....?"

Thanks for making me smile and everyone's encouragement. Just done w1r2 and the dog's shattered. As for me - I'll be posting my next blog when I've had time to recover ...

Do you keep your dog on the lead when you run? Was thinking of taking my dog on my next run. I've just started week2! Thought it would be a good way of multitasking...

Beckipeg in reply to HappyH1

Yes, Poppy's still not to be trusted off her lead - gets far too distracted and has selective hearing when called, we use an extendable one though so there's a bit of freedom for her. Well done for making a start, I'm sure you won't regret it and if I can make it you CAN do it too!

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