Hi all

I hope you're having a good week.

For those of you keeping an eye on me, I successfully completed my W1R2 last night.

I found it much easier then my first run, although my legs were still hurting from R1, but by the time i was half way through they stopped hurting and I was on a roll.

I took my fitbit out for the ride, so i could get an accurate calorie burn.

I still absolutely love Laura and can honestly say that yesterday was the first time, i wasn't anxious about if people were looking at me or if my face was beetroot red (",)

I truly enjoyed it.

Talking of Laura... on my route i have a big hill on my last mile stretch.. I was doing my 90 second brisk walk and this hill was getting closer and closer.. in my head i thought.. please... let my 90 seconds cover that (huffing and panting!).. I placed one foot on the incline and Laura voice comes over to say this is my final run.. make the most of it! Well.... i didn't complete the hill but i gave it a bloody good go. Although... that will be my target now.. to run up that hill..

In total i think i managed to run about 7.35 minutes last night. I'll see how i do on run 3 on Friday night.


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14 Replies

  • Well done on completing run 2 can honestly say don't have to deal with any hills were I live mainly slight inclines but just keep plugging away and you will be running up with the best as they slow and steady wins the race and this is not a competition and i am sure you will be fine on friday.

  • Well, look at you - hills in week 1. That's a serious well done! Youre doing great. Don't let beating the hill take your focus off Laura though. Good luck for Friday :)

  • Nice one. Keep up the good work and nice to have "The Hill" as a challenge at the end to keep you motivated.

  • Well done, and good attitude on the hill. You will make it all the way up soon I am sure.

    Don't be anxious about the beetroot. I have been running a while and still look like this. Just practice your I am in no pain and loving this face, for when you pass people walking or running towards you.

  • I was hoping that the beetroot look would subside as I got further through the programme. Seems like that is just wishful thinking!

  • Well done :-) I too have a hill towards the end of my runs.. and like you, I kind of dread it. I would suggest one thing though.. keep on at that hill in your early runs - even if you only manage to run up it for 60/90 seconds and then you move onto your walking - it will make it easier for when you have longer runs further into the program. And great to hear you're enjoying it - that's what it is all about. Happy running :-D

  • I run in my local park (with my dog) as it has a concrete path and I too have a steep incline to conquer...I currently either run down it only or use it as my turning point. I will run up it one day and so will you. I also get so much support now from others who see me running round and round and that boosts my confidence, I am no longer the fat sweaty old women (in my head) jogging I am the women who the others envy because I am doing what they cant... be proud of what you achieve everyday you go out there and smile... :0)

  • I'm going to add my voice to the others saying how useful a marker that hill will be. I have one leading out of the village where I live. The first few weeks it was a killer, and I could barely believe that I used to run up it after I'd done this previously. But now I'm getting there. I'm still mighty relieved when I get to the level bit at the top, but I CAN get there and keep going. And you will too!

    Happy running :)

  • Well done on that hill and most of all on truly enjoying the run! That is a defining moment - the moment when you realise that running is enjoyable and therefore something you do because you like it and not because you have to or to punish your lazy body. Lovely!

  • Well done for tackling a hill. Am lucky that it is flat round me & I have great respect for those of you who can't avoid pesky inclines :-D

  • Oh well done you on even doing a circuit that involves a hill. I have just finished week one and started week two but all hills and small slopes are totally off limits for now so very very well done you for doing it.

  • Thank you..

    let me know how week 2 goes?

    I might re do week 1, although i'm happy with my progress. I want to make sure i completely tick the box and can finish the entire 8 minutes

  • Well done you! I promise you it will just keep getting better and better! :)

  • Good for you! :) And it does get easier :) Slow but steady is the trick :)

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