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W2r1 secret running continues

I may only work part time but I didn't think I'd make it back home in time to start week 2. As the time ticked by I had barely half an hour before the others came home but it was half an hour so I had no excuse. Poppy dog came too and seems to be getting the idea of being a c25k dog as she raced on ahead doing her best to trip me up. I told her that Laura was warning us not to run too fast and to put her heels down first.

The first 90 seconds went almost too easily but by half way through I was struggling, my hips hurt and I had nowhere near enough co-ordination to do the 4 steps breathe in / breathe out thing. I'm sure the music said somewhere along the lines of "you can't do it" but I must have misheard, surely? We jogged past a poodle 4 x the size of Poppy so that she could just run underneath.

I didn't manage all of the last 90 second run and was a bit disappointed with myself but my kids were delighted I'd managed to sneak it in. Glad to read on the blogs here that chocolate has a role to play in the runner's diet so made sure I had some with my glass of water when I got back. Surely cocoa beans count as fruit?

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Haha how naughty that you are still keeping it a secret, I can't wait until your husband finds out your super athlete I bet he'll be impressed. C25k dog is getting the hang of it too (kinda) :D

Don't worry that you didn't manage the full 90sec just try again you'll be fine x


I agree, the 90 seconds will come. but how on earth are you managing to keep this a secret? my face was bright red for at least an hour after each run, all the way through c25k & still occasionally turns scarlet after long runs :)


Haha shelley mine too!


I'm with Shelley and Minuette on this, I'm still like a beetroot for ages after a run but well done to you and Poppy. Watching out to see how long the secret will last.


LOL yes maybe you should come clean or he might start to get suspicious that you're up to no good!


He's already suspicious. He's training for a marathon in April and is the sort who runs half a marathon before breakfast. Would love to surprise him by perhaps being able to enter a 5k race.


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