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W1r2 argh!!

That was a lot harder than Friday!

I changed the direction of the loop as no matter which way I go I have to go up hills. so by changing the direction I start on the steeper of the hills to get it out the way. Run 1 just didn't happen at all, no idea what happenened :( and on run 7 I was half way up the steepest hill on my whole loop. BUT I walked fast up the hill and started running so I only missed 30 seconds on that one.

And every direction I go I'm always going into a headwind. Blah!

Next run Wednesday! Then week one completed!!

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As a newbie, I'm in the same position as you.

Completed W1R2 this morning although my experience was completely different from yours. I couldn't believe my 60 second runs were over so quickly and the 90 second walks dragged. I was out enjoying the sun and cooling breeze in the park with only squirrels for company - bliss! You'll have better days and I'll have worse ones to look forward to over the next 9 (or more) weeks.


Well done HereWeGo. I am really lucky and had no hills and I know I found it hard!

Can you drive somewhere to avoid them?

If not, take it steady and think positively, the hills are really going to help build up your stamina! It might just take a little longer to reach the stage that you can run for 30 minutes.

Good luck :-)


Hills and wind make you strong so well done for tackling them 😃


That sounds hard but hills are great for your stamina and bum so keep going! Also, the rule of running is that you ALWAYS run into the wind! Well done.


Well done! Would it help if you slightly extended your warm up walk so you're not on the worst bit of the hill? Sometimes I guess it's just unavoidable but it will ultimately give you real benefits in strength and stamina.


No matter which way I go I'll be going up hill at the start then again at run 7ish but I've realised today I was much quicker as on my cool down I had to take an extra detour so that's the plus I'm taking from this morning. And my legs seriously ache. Lol. Sign of a good work out so I'm pleased!


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