Couch to 5K

Revealing the secret ... stage 1

Elder daughter took Laura out last night after my shortened version (without the cool down walk) and did the run to find out when she said "you're a runner". Oh, the joy of being a fit young teenager - no weeks 1-6 for her, straight in at week 7. Hubby wondered why she was so adamant he couldn't join her on the run. When she got back the three of us huddled secretively on the landing to listen to those golden words. Laura says I'm a runner! It was hard not to tell hubby there and then.

I'm still pinching myself, just 2 months ago I was having to see the doctor about chest pains and breathing difficulties, barely able to get upstairs without wheezing, now I'm running non stop (albeit slowly!) for 25 mins and feeling so much more positive. Have put a vague entry on hubby's blog suggesting he search blogs about Couch to 5K ...

Off to get an Easter egg now.

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ohhh cant wait for episode 2 of the reveal good luck


You're doing so well Becki, I am terribly breathless and exhausted and have just finished week2 R1. I am really hoping that it will help with my breathing and give me some energy. Your blogs are a real inspiration.


Thanks for such a kind comment. I've yet to crack a proper healthy diet (too addicted to chocolate) but there's no doubt I'm feeling fitter than a couple of months ago and able to do more than I could then. Keep going, rest an extra day when you need to, go out anyway when you feel you don't want to, don't be afraid to repeat a run if necessary but above all, don't stop. Keep going, and let the rest of us know how you're getting on. It's the encouragement from others on here that has kept me going when I've been ready to give up.


can't wait for the next episode. has he said anything about the blog entry yet???


Watch this space!


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