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Hi I'm new (W2, R1 complete)


Hi everyone, I'm new! I've wanted to do this for years, but now am 8 weeks away from turning 50 so have set myself a 30 minutes by 50 challenge! You're all so inspiring it's been lovely to read all your messages and see you all a few weeks ahead.

I've completed week 1, and done run 2 of week 2 phew. I'm a bit worried about my knees - I was feeling burning behind my knee caps but I've been doing some quad strengthening exercises this week and it's got better, but my knees are definitely tetchy. I'm a total non runner with dodgy ankles and knees so convinced myself its only a matter of time till I get injured, I'm all fired up so I'd be gutted to have to duck out now!

Anyway - I'm thrilled to have got this far as I'm sooo unfit and a good 1.5 stone overweight, so hoping I'll be around for the duration!

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Welcome to C25K, the best advice is to take it nice and steady and go slow, drink plenty of water and respect the rest days lol

You'll get loads of support from here, keep us updated and enjoy the journey 😊👊

DevonBluebird in reply to Hidden

Thank you really appreciate that! 😁


Well done so far DevonBluebird, keep going steady and slowly.

I’m a little a bit ahead of you on the programme but only week 6, however I just wanted to reaffirm what so many have said on here about the programme really being great.

In terms of weight ... Doing the C25K has encouraged me to eat a little healthier ( cutting out crisps and biscuits 🍪 completely ) and that combined with doing Dry January has resulted in me going from 103 kgs to 99 kgs since the start of the year.

To be honest, I need to shift a few more kgs.

Keep going , you’re going to feel brilliant for your 50th 🎉🎉🎉🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Thanks MartinKH wow great weight loss there! I keep hearing of people putting weight on rather than losing so am trying to be realistic & keep fitness as my goal, but I secretly hope I lose a bit as by-product 😆. Thanks for the encouragement!

MartinKHGraduate in reply to DevonBluebird

No worries DevonBliebird, you are very welcome.

The weight loss for me is welcome and needed.

One by product I did not expect is just feeling so good after finishing a run. It really is a cheap and totally legal high 🤣


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

and includes advice on minimising impact and stretching after every run.

Enjoy your journey.


There's no reason why you should get injured. Just take it slowly, small strides and maybe two rest days between each run.

Good luck

Hi there , I’m at a similar point too - turned 50 last summer but finally found the motivation to get started a week and a bit ago. I’m also gently coaxing my knees into becoming runner’s knees and I found the Japanese slow jog YouTube video so helpful in adjusting my footfall. It’s made a big difference for me - got W2R3 this afternoon.... I’m really pleased with myself for persevering. Good luck you’re doing great 👍🏻

I turned 61 this year and am on W4R1 and can't believe it. You can do it DevonBluebird, step at a time .... 💪💪💪


Welcome along ! You’re marginally younger than me and considerably less overweight, and I’ve done this once so you definitely can ! Take it slow and steady. If it hurts, slow down more. And always remember the First Rule of C25k: The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for ! Have fun out there x


Well done for persevering I know the feeling about the knees. I'm a good 24 years older than you and last night completed week 4. The first couple of weeks breathing was my main problem but I worked on it and followed the tips and now it is much better. I too am very much overweight and that certainly doesn't help the knees but its a Catch 22 situation do I lose weight first and then start running or run and get the health benefits from that? However since starting C25K I have lost weight consistently and by the end of week 9 I should be down to a healthier weight and also less stress on the knees. Also, I used to eat about 6.30pm but this is now my running time so I put off the evening meal until after I return from running. The advantage of this is that after running I find I eat less and this is obviously contributing to my weight loss so its a win win situation all round. So keep going take care of the knees and ankles, follow the rules and you'll make it.

DevonBluebird in reply to dbeuro

Glad to hear your breathing got sorted - it’s really tricky isn’t it, I can’t do the for steps to a breath at all! I look in awe at your week 4 what a brill achievement!!

Hi yes I’m like you got dodgy knees and hips , just finished W2 run1 , so pleased with myself as managed without any difficulty, certainly easier than last week, my hips were quit sore last week but seems ok today, bit of knee pain but hey hoe I feel great for getting out there. It is a beautiful day in Glasgow so first run in the sunshine which really made it enjoyable, won’t make another one till sat , don’t think I’ll make it before work in the am but we will see , good luck everyone

We can hobble round together ha! Well done on W2 R1, I think just expanding in Week 1 is something to be proud of! I read another post earlier saying aches and pains reduced further in to the program- fingers crossed for us!!


Hi DevonBluebirs

Very similar story to you although I have now turned 50 and a bit more overweight than you!

However, completed C25K a couple of weeks ago and just done my 7th consolidation run. Trust the programme and advice on here, and don’t worry too much about aches and pains unless they are severe. My knees, calves, shins and ankles all moaned and groaned early on but by week 7/8 and I’d built up some strength and stamina, they had abated to almost nothing. Post run my muscles are sore but to be expected.

Good luck over the next few weeks

Thanks Tigerfan1970 (a good year!) it’s great to hear your positive story and well done on a great achievement- it must feel amazing to actually call yourself a runner & mean it! Congratulations 🏆🎉


I've been running with two dodgy knees (osteo-arthritis) for about 5 years now. I currently run about 1300K a year. My advice to you for dodgy knees is:

1) DON'T EVER run on 2 consecutive days (until you are 18 months to 2 years in - then things may change)

2) At the slightest bit of pain - slow it down. The aim of the plan is to get you running for 30 minutes consistently. Speed comes later.

3) Don't over reach with your stride. Avoid landing on your heel. It will slow you down, but landing on the forefoot avoids much of the jarring on the knees.

4) Consider getting yourself a new set of running shoes from a specialist running shop if you haven't already done so. If the shop doesn't check your running style on a treadmill before offering advice walk away. The right shoes can make a considerable difference, but someone can only offer the right shoes if they've observed your running style. They may, or may not be, more expensive than the high street fashion sports shops (JD Sports, Sports Direct et.al.), but the right shoes will keep you running and not end up as a wasted purchase cluttering the wardrobe.

5) Don't think that the shoes with the greatest amount of cushioning are the best shoes for you. This can disguise a poor running technique (i.e. heel striking), which although it may apparently help at this stage is actually building up problems for you further down the road.

RoxdogGraduate in reply to AdamB

This is very encouraging. I have mild arthritis in my knees and have just graduated. Knees were a bit niggly today until I was 5 minutes into the run. Doing all the right things and have good shoes etc so it is encouraging that you have been running with this condition - I worry a bit about making them worse but am doing lots of exercises to strengthen everything and on balance I think running is for me!

AdamBGraduate in reply to Roxdog

My GP has been very supportive. The message in my case was:

1) don't stop running because I am unlikely to do much more damage to my knees - they are already shot. However if I do stop I'm likely to put weight on, which could cause knee problems because of the all day increased load.

2) come and see her once I had my parkrun 250 tee-shirt and 15 Great North Run medals and she'd think again about knee ops. That's a long way off yet.

I just play it by ear. It can often take me 3 or 4 K into a run before the knees settle down. If they are still playing up after that I tend to ease off and take the easy way home. Otherwise it's just a matter of using common sense (e.g. if I'm doing a cross country race on a Saturday, I'll run a parkrun before very slowly just as a warmup rather than going for a pb at parkrun (fat chance of that happening, anyway) and then going all out on later in the day as well). Let your body guide you. Taking an extra rest day here and there isn't going to hurt. Having to take 3 months off running because you've pushed things too hard is demoralising though.

dotanddavy in reply to AdamB

Thanks for this advice very encouraging, I do know they say exercise when joints are ok but to rest when they are painful, My hips have been fine this run , but struggling a wee bit with my right knee, think I will take tomorrow off and have 2 days rest, and hopefully it will calm down . Good luck to all with their next runs

AdamBGraduate in reply to dotanddavy

Take a couple of days off if your knee is still painful. An extra day here or there doesn't matter in the long run. Just son't let that extra day slide off into an extra week if you can possibly avoid it. ;)

RoxdogGraduate in reply to AdamB

This is useful. I'm nowhere near a knee op yet thank goodness but my knees do take a few minutes to warm up! I get a few aches afterwards sometimes.

I'm going to run twice a week do I build in appropriate rest days and always run on soft ground. So encouraging!

DevonBluebird in reply to AdamB

Wow thanks AdamB for that great advice, and to hear that it can be done with osteo-a. You’re an inspiration!! Yep I went out after week 1 and had my gait analysed- felt a real fraud in the shop running on the treadmill but am very happy to give myself every chance of success. How often do you run & what sort of distances do you do?

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