W2 Complete 💪

Having just finished W2 R3 I am super proud of myself! I downloaded the podcasts last year but that's where my motivation ended - I kept telling myself 'ill start next week, its too cold/wet/dark/too near christmas/the weekend....' every excuse under the sun, putting it off every time but finally bit the bullet at the end of January and got started with week 1. I used to be pretty fit, loved hockey and took part in every sport event at school, but now at 25 and nearly 14 stone I've become so disappointed in what I've let myself become. I've promised myself that this year I will spend a lot more time focusing on myself and getting back the fitness I've lost - having made it to the end of week 2 I've already surprised myself! Looking forward to week 3 and I'm going to enjoy it before the runs start to get a lot harder 😀

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  • Go you Kirsty! Well done. I know it's early days but to be honest it sounds to me as though you've already caught the running bug. There is no cure...

  • Thanks AnneDroid! I do hope so! At the moment I'm only running along a cycle path encountering the occasional dog walker or cyclist but can't wait to get the confidence to brave the pavements!

  • Do what I did. Convince yourself that you're invisible. :)

  • And invincible!

  • The great news is what's ahead always looks a lot harder...and then suddenly it's behind you, and there's something else ahead! You're going to love it :)

  • Hang in there girl! Be a sticker this time. Never surrender! 😀 The programme is great as it's gradual and you don't need to kill yourself to be able to do it. In fact, the slower the better really

    Just do the runs without thinking. Be on auto pilot 😊

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